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Liver Cancer is a fatal disease and unlike other forms of cancer, gets detected at a comparatively later stage. It is thus also referred to as a silent form of Cancer. Chances of survival in the case of Liver Cancer are limited and almost all affected people pass away within a year.

Like other cancers, Liver Cancer may be primary or secondary. In the former case, the cancer originates from the liver itself when the characteristics of cells in the liver transform into a growth pattern which is abnormal and start forming a tumor. This tumor then starts restricting the functioning of the other parts of the liver. In the secondary form, the cancer spreads from the other parts of the body and subsequently affects the liver.

As said earlier, Liver Cancer does not pose any major discomfort in its early stage. However, as the cells keep multiplying, they start affecting the functioning of the liver and the following symptoms become evident:

* Change in Urine Color – The color of the urine will gradually start getting darker with passage of time.

* Pain – This will become persistent and will be all over the abdomen, more pronounced towards the right side. After some time, it will spread towards the back and the shoulder blades.

* Weight – As imminent with nearly all forms of cancer, there will be unexplained weight loss. This is because the cancer cells start burning more calories than done by normal healthy cells.

* Fullness – This is somewhat connected to weight loss. There may be loss of appetite since the patient may feel he is full and not feel like eating.

* Skin Color – In Liver Cancer, there is a very noticeable change in the skin color. It starts to gradually become yellowish as the disease spreads within the liver.

* Swollen Abdomen – This is another symptom which will be felt by an affected patient, although a bloated abdomen may also be due to some other cause.

* Associated Symptoms – Other associated symptoms as with different forms of cancer remain the same as under feeling of lethargy and tiredness, fever, nausea and vomiting.

In the case of Liver Cancer, the best chances of controlling it are in the early detection stage.


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