Male Enhancement That Really Works

by Lee Pham


With all the infomercials on TV it is no wonder we are having trouble finding a male enhancement that really works. Think about it, how many times a day do you see a commercial for a new pill that is guaranteed to increase the size down there by at least 4 inches right after you take it. I hate the be the one to bring the bad news but this is not possible. If it were possible then every man would be walking around with 7 to 8 inches. There is however, something that will work. If you give it three months you will become at least three inches bigger. The best part is the results will be permanent. Interested? Keep reading.

Before i get into the secret technique (i only call it secret because nobody ever seems to talk about it) I want you to know why pills do not work. In order for a penis to become bigger it needs to be filled with blood. How do you fill it with blood? You open up the blood vessels. Pills have a substance called nitric oxide in them. When the pills are taken the nitric oxide forces the blood vessels to open up allowing more blood to get in. The problem is after about 15 minutes the blood vessels return to normal size which means the penis goes down to it’s normal size.

Now here’s the secret to male enhancement that really works. Penis exercises. If you learn how to use penis exercises to enhance the size of your penis you can easily gain up to three inches in three months and the gains are permanent. The reason they are permanent is because you are opening the blood vessels in a natural way the body responds best to.


Source by Bryan Strickland

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