Males and Anorexia


People tend to associate eating disorders, such as Anorexia as a female disorder and overlook the possibility that this disease could also contaminate the male species. Men can also experience anorexia, too. Male anorexia most often shares the same effects as the female population, including the bouts of low self-esteem and a fixation on their weight. More education is needed to make the public more aware to the growing problem. Men tend to believe this is a disorder only prominent with women and became instructed to seek help. An estimated 5 to 15% of people with anorexia are male. Recent discoveries reveal studies that have shown that the male anorexia is rapidly increasing. Male anorexia is also climbing to an increased rate in homosexual males.

Anorexia in men in most cases surfaces during the teen years, but in some rare cases men as old as 60 years of age and as young as 8 years of age have become afflicted with the disease. The studies have estimated that 6% of male eating disorders have been victimized by death. Most people find it difficult to stop the behavior without the assistance of a professional. Even though some men extremely seek help, there are still many that continue to be untreated with this overwhelming disorder, in often cases for many years and sometimes for a decade or more.

Because of the hesitation and reluctance of some men to face the reality that they are a victim of anorexia they fall behind the cracks and go undiagnosed and suffer in silence. I believe this is caused by the fact that anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating disorders have been labeled a "Female Disorder". Because most men are illegally to seek help, as they have always been behind the line when it comes to seeing doctors, this disease is seen by men to be a female disorder. Since men have been raised to be the stronger of the two sexes and have believed to uphold their title of "Me Man", anorexia would have considered a woman problem and would be an embarrassment for most men to admit.

Another problem is that a large number of doctors and health care professionals are not trained to notice and or identify this disorder among men and fail to treat men who are afflicted with anorexia. Too many of them are not trained to identify or treat male anorexia. Families also fail to see the symptoms of anorexia in men, since this disorder has always been labeled a female disease. The illness can then progress to a more advanced stage, which then will become harder to treat.

So many mistakes are made in the diagnosis of patients because of not thinking beyond the box. When I saw all the signs of going through menopause, in my late thirties my doctor said to me "You are too young to be going through menopause". She ran some tests and then a week later told me I was going through menopause. Too often doctors and health care professionals do not see beyond the box, and label disease and disorders according to statistics and not the facts. As heart attacks are also based on age, and labeled by age, if you are young you can not be having a heart attack, this is a serious problem, as nature can inflict any disorder, and or disease no matter how old you are, and no matter how much it goes against a doctors professional beliefs. As I believe anything is possible.


Source by Sydnie Andrus

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