MRSA – What's New?



The quick answer is nothing.

MRSA can still be treated by adults and children in the home, community and in hospital. It still colonizes and spreads to people in sports teams, schools, jail, and even in the home.

MRSA can easily spread to colonize your pets – cat, dog, hamster, rabbit indeed any pet that is handled. Once they are colonized by MRSA a simple cut or a veterinarian's operation will give the MRSA a foothold to attack the animal and it could be fatal for that animal.

The message "NOW WASH YOUR HANDS" every time you use the toilet and every time you get your hands "dirty" is largely being ignored. It may be followed scrupulously for a few days or weeks after someone near you becomes ill and dies from MRSA, but then is forgotten again.

The hype from each new "miracle cure" for MRSA is growing. Every time there is a new drug or cleaning product the hype just gets louder and louder, trying to drown one another out.

The ability of MRSA, that it showed when it faced penicillin and methicillin in the 1970's and 1980's, is still there. The antibiotic worked at first then within about a year they became less and less effective as the virus adapted to respond to antibiotic attacks.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with a message that needs to be spread to everyone now. "Wash your hands". Use soap and water. Dry your hands afterwards and do not spread the MRSA. One of the most dangerous places for the spread of MRSA is the door handles in the toilets. It only takes one person not to wash their hands, or to wash and not dry them and the MRSA spreads.

So under no circumstances accept the hype from drug companies and researchers that MRSA is beaten. If you have the chance, get the company or researchers to give you a personal written guarantee that their product will continue to defeat MRSA for the next five years. Anyone with any sense would refuse such a request. The drug companies know that they must sell their product quickly to recoup as much of the R & D expense as possible in case it stops working.

Do not try and get away from your responsibility as a parent, teacher, coach, fellow student, or jailer to get over this message "NOW WASH YOUR HANDS" to those you are responsible for. Get the message load and clear. Even if we beat MRSA in the next 10 or 20 years there are still other bacteria and infections out there that will need the same treatment.

MRSA is here until we beat it. We will not beat MRSA until we get our attitude to basic hygiene right.

As I said at the start nothing has changed. So take the time to keep yourself, your pets, and those you are responsible for, inside or outside the home, safe from MRSA or live with the consequences.


Source by Beverley Clement

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