Natural Acne Remedies


The causes of an outbreak of acne are many and varied. They can range from diet, hormonal imbalance and hygiene right down to finding yourself in stressful situations. It is a condition that can develop at any time no matter what your gender or age. Here we will take a look at a few natural acne remedies that can help us to treat the condition.

Today many health care professionals believe that stress can be a factor in the onset of an outbreak of acne and eliminating tress from our lives can be one the best natural acne remedies. Try and identify areas in your life that you find to be stressful. If you find you have too many commitments or find it difficult to say no, try to find a little more time for yourself. Try some relaxation techniques, learning to reduce stress is not only good for acne it can have a beneficial effect on your overall well being. Physical exercise is regarded as a great stress buster, not only will it help you to feel less stressed it can also help you cope better in stressful situations.

Let's take a look at some more practical natural acne remedies. Many people believe that an oatmeal mask is a very effective acne treatment. Oatmeal is good for softening the skin and helps to eliminate dirt that accumulates in the pores causing the development of acne. To use this allow some cooked oatmeal to cool before applying to the affected area then leave on for fifteen minutes before washing off. Following this method over several days you could find a marked improvement in your acne condition.

Although the use of garlic has no scientific evidence to back its claims many people are convinced by its effectiveness. It is believed to contain garlic antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. Used in raw form the theory is that you apply to the affected area and leave on overnight. Although not considered as a traditional treatment many claim to be happy with the results achieved using this method.

There are many more natural acne treatments out there that people claim to have achieved good results with. These include washing your face with vinegar and water, applying the juice of a cucumber to the affected area or using the white of an egg. For irritated inflamed acne some say that lavender will help to reduce redness and inflammation.

Although some are based more on scientific fact than others these are just some of the natural acne remedies out there. All of these methods have their followers and the only way to test their validity is to try them. If you find that none of these methods work for you then we would suggest you consult your skin care specialist for more ideas on natural acne remedies.


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