Natural Electronic Pest Control: Why Pest Offense Is Safer and More Effective Than Pesticides


Even the cleanest homes in America can fall victim to roaches, ants, spiders, mice or rats & there’s nothing more maddening than constantly finding these pests where we sleep and eat. Numerous pest control devices are available on the market, each claiming to be the solution. But how do we know which pest control device is safer & more effective?

Our staff recently researched these devices & personally put the Pest Offense to the test. Pest Offense is probably the most recognized model on the market, having sold over 5 million units. What our research and testing showed us is that while other natural devices & pesticides can help with your pest issues, the Pest Offense is much more effective and safer.

Here are just a few of the reasons we decided that Pest Offense offers the best value:

No Pesticides or Chemicals: If you have children with health issues such as Asthma, then you know how risky pesticides & chemicals can be to use. Additionally, there are proven links of indoor pesticides to Leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD & other cognitive development deficiencies. So why take the risk?

University Tested & Approved: Pest Offense is the only pest control device that has been independently tested in an independent academic setting. The inventor of Pest Offense turned his invention over to a reputable state university for an intensive 5-year study. The result was an overwhelming stamp of approval.

Personal Tests: Two members of our staff happened to be having separate pest issues at home, one with spiders & one with ants. When we installed the Pest Offense units into their homes, the results were almost identical. Initially, over the first few days, their problems seemed to get worse (more critters seemed to surface). But after 7-10 days, both reported that there were virtually no signs of either the ants or the spiders. And that continued to be the case for the next several weeks. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Customer Reviews: We scoured the web, reading hundreds of testimonials & reviews for various pest control devices. Most ultrasonic device reviews were positive, but there were common complaints about coverage. Just about all of the reviews we read regarding the Pest Offense were overwhelmingly positive. Other competitors had numerous unhappy comments and were also dealing with issues from the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission.

Cost & Coverage: One of the biggest downfalls to using an ultrasonic sound pest control device is these units typically cover only a limited amount of space within the home, usually one room. So if you wanted to cover a large area you would need to place a number of different units around the house, which could become costly. Pest Offense, on the other hand, only requires one unit to cover one level of an average home with a single-connected circuit-panel. And since it relies on the electrical wiring instead of sound, the coverage is much broader. You would need two units, however, if you have two floors that have ground access (such as a basement home).

It is important to note that you should not use Pest Offense, or any other electronic or ultrasound pest control device, if you have small pets such as a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig or any other rodent-type animal. These small pets will be affected..

So based on our research, personal testing and customer testimonials, Pest Offense appears to be the best and most reliable pest control device on the market.


Source by Sherman Walters

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