Natural Home Remedies For Ear Mites That You Should Know


Ear mites are the external parasites which usually infects dogs and the cats. Once it is cursed it becomes the problem for their whole life. The mites like Otodectes cynotis are available in large amount and they are also visible with the naked eyes.

According to its name ear mites lives in the ear as well as on the head and skin of the cats and the dogs. It takes almost three weeks to develop an egg mite into an adult mite. An adult mite sent its whole life on the pet only. It is highly contagious which can cause severe inflammation. It can easily transmit from host to host by physical contact as it is highly contagious. Any pet can be easily infected if it socializes with the animals that are infected.

The most common symptom of ear mite infection is the shaking of head and ears. In several cases dogs scratch at their ears, in several cases rub their face and even in some case they bleed behind the ears. If a pet is suffering from ear mites then you will see a dark, waxy build up inside the ear. If the waxy build up is of yellow color then it relates to the problem of yeast infection not mites.

Before going to any doctor you may try some home remedies which are very effective in reducing the symptoms of ear mites.

Any medication of the ear which is based on natural oil will extremely reduce the problem of ear mites. You must keep the environment of your pet free from all the infection. It must be treated for fleas. It will kill the ear mites in the surrounding which may re infect your pet. So it is necessary to keep your pet away from the infection of ear mites or from the infected animals from the mites.

For the removal of mites you can also mix half ounce of vitamin E and almond. Put this mixture almost one or two drops by dropper in the ear of the pet and massage it properly. Clean out the opening with the help of the cotton swabs and let your pet shake its its head. This mixture helps in healing and also smothers the mites as it is oily. Between the uses of the mixture you can also refrigerate the mixture and warm it before its use. To squelch any wayward mites it is necessary to give mild flea baths during the period of treatment.


Source by James E Napier

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