Natural Powerful Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

by Lee Pham


Sweating is a part of live, but excessive amounts of sweat can result in embarrassment and grief. Nobody wants to have sweat consistently soaking through their clothing, nor do they want to have to apply deodorant day in and day out.

Additionally, excessive amounts of sweating can result in some terrible odors, and nobody wants to smell badly. Never fear: there are natural powerful ways to stop excessive sweating.

One of the best ways to curb the effects of excessive sweating is to use baby powder on the offending areas. This can help not only with the smells and moistness sweating results in – but it can also help to eliminate any itching in the offending area.

Corn starch works about as well as baby powder, so consider using this too. These powders are most commonly used under the arms and on the lower back, but you can put them anywhere that seems most prone to excessive amounts of sweating.

If you are looking to lessen the amount of sweat produced, consider investing in sage tea, which can slow down such activity. You should drink about one or two cups a day of this tea to help reduce the amount of sweat your body produces.

Additionally, consider changing your diet so that you are eliminating foods at might make you perspire more than usual. Caffeine, onions, and spicy foods can increase the amount of sweat you produce.

Also, consider eating high water content foods like fruits and vegetables. Foods like these will help you reduce sweat levels and help curb offending odors.


Source by Benjamin Wise

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