Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Symptoms



Since Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may have a variety of causes, its treatments are varied, too. Some natural and holistic treatments for chronic fatigue symptoms are available that many patients have reported good success with.

In the category of nutritional supplements and vitamins, probiotics can be helpful. As the name suggests, these are the opposite of antibiotic, which kill bacteria. "Friendly" bacteria are a key element in digesting food and keeping a healthy pH balance in the stomach, which leads to overall health. By taking probiotics, the patient can improve the numbers of friendly bacteria within their digestion system and sometimes restore some healthfulness and increase energy levels.

Vitamin C and magnesium may also be helpful as many CFS sufferers have a deficiency in magnesium and Vitamin C gives a welcome boost to the immune system to help ward off colds and 'flu's.

Holistic practitioners may conduct a variety of tests to try to determine the underlying cause of the CFS. These tests can include electrodermal screening, urinalysis, stool analysis, darkfield blood microscopy, hair analysis, adrenal stress test, and nutritional analysis.

In some cases, a change in lifestyle can help the symptoms of CFS. If you develop healthy sleep habits by establishing a regular bedtime and waking-up time, this may help train your body into behaving normally. Also, while many CFS patients report that strenuous exercise only makes their fatigue worse, gentle, recreational exercise like yoga or tai chi may help.

CFS patients frequently have problems with their adrenal glands, too. Supplements that should help eradicate this adrenal fatigue are licorice herbal supplement, Siberian ginseng, adrenal glandular supplements, and pantothenic acid (B5).

Some patients report massage, acupuncture, yoga, and hypnosis all help reduce their CFS symptoms, or at least help them to cope with the symptoms better.

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Since CFS has no one cause, it has no one cure either. All doctors can do, really, is treat the symptoms. This is done in the expected ways. For the aches and pains, simple aspirin or ibuprofen may be recommended. Antihistamines can treat the allergy-like symptoms. For low blood pressure, drugs are normally prescribed.

Sometimes there are psychological factors, too, though extremely CFS appears to be mostly a physical condition. CFS sufferers sometimes suffer from depression as a result of their condition, which can be treated through medication and therapy.

In the long run, there is no true way to "cure" CFS, at least not that has been discovered so far. There is also no real way to prevent it. In general, however, the basic rules for staying healthy apply. Get plenty of rest, eat healthily, exercise moderately and regularly, do not smoke, and keep your caffeine and alcohol intake to a minimum.


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