Natural Way to Get a Bigger Penis


There is a natural way to get a larger penis, which requires no devices, surgeries, or phony, non effective pills. You can do this procedure on your own, in your home, and with your hands.

This procedure is sometimes referred to as exercises, or others refer to the technique as milking because that somewhat describes the method when practiced. I like to refer to it as "massages", because essentially that is what you'll be doing. Repeated massages is the natural way to get a larger penis.

The massages are performed by using your hands, and forming a circle with your thumb and forefinger. Inserting the penis in the circle, you start at the base and massage your way up to the head. Then you repeat with the other hand in the same fashion.

Some important points about the massages:

1. All massaging must be done in a semi-erect state.
2. Lubricant should be used for both safety and effectiveness.
3. Each massage should take around 2-3 seconds to complete.
4. Repetitions of around 100 are good to start with.
5. A warm towel wrap should be wrapped around for a few minutes both before the massages are to begin, and after the massages are completed.

Massaging as a natural way to get a larger penis can be incredibly effective if it is followed consistently. This means daily, at least 5 days a week, for several weeks. Now there are massaging or exercising programs available which will have easy to follow routines laid out, some which only take less than 10 minutes a day and guarantee very basic results both in length and girth.


Source by Chess McDoogle

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