New Hamster Care Tips For Your Children and Family


When you have a Dwarf Hamster pet at home, your children will be definitely be tempted to play with it. Since hamsters look very cute, they may want to pick the pet up and carry it. However, if they do not know how to handle a hamster properly, your pocket pet can get seriously hurt.

If the hamster is sleepy, scared or feels threatened, a child must not touch them because they will most certainly nip his or her hand. Hamsters are also timid creatures; hence they need to get used to the presence of the child before they allow him or her to carry them.

Because they have sharp teeth, a nip will lead to a wound, if this happens, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. To avoid these mishaps, children below six years old must not be allowed to handle hamsters.

Mostly, hamsters get injured when they are not handled properly. A child may accidentally drop them when he or she feels frightened or even tickled! Falling from a certain height may result in unnoticed injuries for the hamster that may become serious in the future.

Children may also feed the hamster with unhealthy foods that can affect their overall health. For that reason, a child must be educated about the proper food, time and kind of feeding needed by their hamster pet.

To avoid injuries and help your pet extended its life span; your children must know the proper way to handle a Dwarf Hamster. You must demonstrate the step by step procedure of carrying a hamster and placing it in the center of your palm.

Some children may be threatened by the nails of the hamster, especially if they have small hands and tender palms. In order to solve this problem, put the hamster on a soft surface and let the child stroke the hamster softly first of all.

Make your children and pet happy by teaching them how to enjoy your hamster. Supervise and coach them about the techniques that they may use when carrying their cute friend. This will make the whole ownership process better for both your family and your loving little pet.


Source by Francis Harris

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