Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and Living Conditions



Temperament: The Norwegian Elkhound is a bold loyal and friendly dog, he is alert dog, but can be somewhat reserved with strangers. This breed is the same as other Arctic dogs insomuch as having a strong mind of their own, and being independent. On saying this, they are affectionate to the family and shown great loyalty. This is a hard breed to train, in obedience, due to their independent thinking. However, with the firm, fair, pack leader, discipline can be obtained.

The Norwegian Elkhound dog likes to roam, and it is part of the breed makeup to do so. This breed can bark, particularly on the night patrols and may well need teaching to stop barking. They can develop a tendency to fight with other dogs, but with early socialization and a firm pack leader, the owner, this can be averted. It is wise to remember this is a hunting dog, and should not be trusted with small pets such as hamster's mice and rats. This dog can be highly strung, if not given the most opportunity to use up their mental and physical energy's.

Health issues: The Norwegian Elkhound breed is prone to hip dysplasia, PRA, pyotraumatic dermatitis, and sometimes we can see Fanconi syndrome. This dog can gain weight easily, so must not be overfed.

Grooming: The Norwegian Elkhound breed needs brushing, regularly, with extra care given to the coat, during the shed season. The hair stick to each other when the dog is shedding so removing with a rubber brush is important. As this dogs' coat contains natural oils bathing should not be done, as it strips the natural oils.

Living conditions: The Norwegian Elkhound dog does well with a large garden and is still active indoors. The Norwegian elkhound can live in an apartment if exercise requirements are met.


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