Obesity Vs Stress – The Human Hamster Wheel


Successful behavior modification is dependent on dealing with the network of issues, circumstances, behaviors that accompany the health issue we want to change. Permanent fat loss is never just about calories in calories out. Again, a successful approach to obesity management is a scientific analysis, the obsity, although a chronic illness in itself, is often a symptom of an intricate network of behaviors that have been well embedded into the brain. Stress, is very similar. Years of incomplete stress management, or bandaid management aka sweeping it under the mat, rationalizations of "I will when I have time" have allowed stress behaviors to etch away at the brain. Fact is obesity and stress escort each other hand in hand in many people, we need to deal with both issues for long term successful health management. Both obesity & stress ravage the body.

Exhaustion: a common state in today's busy life. We feel too tired to get the physical activity we need, take the time to prepare the right foods.

We know people tend to make bad food choices when tired and stressed. Poor food choices can lead to obesity.

Chronic stress increases cortisol levels, consistently reduce the function of the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands which are critical to weight management

Recent studies are now suggesting that chronic stress increases our ghrelin levels (aka the hunger hormone) which leads to high sugar high fat food choices

Fat cells secret toxins which raise the physiological stressors

A recent study from John Hopkins University found that children who are at risk of becoming obese can be identified by their biological response to stressors. We know that obese children more often than not become obese adults.

A study out of Australia tells us that a stress released body injuryately known as Neuropeptide Y is now thought to unlock fat cells. Remember, fat cells do not go away – they are waiting to find a free refill gaining back any previous fat loss.

It really is clear stress & obesity are partners – not quite as romantic as Bogie & Bacall or Scarlett & Rhett, however they do have the power for a reign of terror over the body, especially our mighty metabolism.

The really sad part is often people to the EXACT WRONG SOLUTION to handle their stress and / or weight issues:

Smoke to calm or that deadly stay thin strategy – Top 3 physiological stressor
Starve to lose weight – raises physiological stress
Alcohol to de-stress – causes the body to store fat, stresses every organ in the body
"Comfort foods" (sugar bingeing …) – obesity, mood swings

If only everyone turned to exercise for their stresss … but exercise has to be the right dosage & type – not to become a further physiological stressor, and to support fat loss & muscle gain.

Our Plan: No diet. We analyze the environment, biology & behavior of the habit (s). Again, the obesity & chronic stress, albeit serious diseases beyond them, are physiological proof we need to make changes in out lifestyle. By assessing the lifestyle habits, eating & sleep patterns, physical activity patterns, stress reactions, issues & challenges in the life, alcohol use, smoking habits, sedentary behaviors … a very long list we can then make the necessary modifications to these variables , returning the body back to its welcomed healthful state. Therefore, we are returning the energy, reducing risk of disease, physiologically & psychologically functioning better.

Quick fix diets are an absolute guarantee of frustration in the stress / over weight individual on both a physiological & behavioral level. It's not just about going to get a trainer at the gym – it's about lifestyle modification. For it to be the right program for you – make sure you try it on and love it.


Source by Shira Litwack

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