Pet Allergies and Eczema Reactions to Household Animals


As much as we love cats we can cuddle and cute puppies, unfortunately some people cannot be around them without a reaction. This can be due to the proteins of the pet that come out urine or saliva as well as reactions to pet hair and dander. The reactions can be skin rashes, sneezing and even severe breathing complications.

If you have asthma you may have trouble being around a pet. If there is wheezing and respiratory difficulties, take this seriously. Allergic reactions can also occur with small animals like hamsters or pet birds. Eczema can have pink or red patches as well as clusters of bumps. Often one is not sure why they have a rash and looking at all environmental factors is important to do.

When the body has excess histamines, there can be extreme itching as well as air passage inflammation. Just as hay fever is very frustrating, so are allergic reactions to pets. Kids in addition can get ear infections and other problems that are tied to respiration.

If there is a history of allergic reactions in the family, be aware this can be a problem for your children. Not only can there be skin rashes and breathing problems, but it can result in insomnia and the heart may be faster. It isn’t easy, but if your child has this issue, you’ll need to check with classmates’ parents about whether they have pets when you child tries to make plans. Your child should need be in that environment if they cannot tolerate pet hair and dander.


Source by Dee Cohen

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