Pet Poison Control Emergency Hotline Contact List For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Animals



Print Out this Pet Poison Control Hotline List and Post Near Your Telephone! When a suspected accidental Pet Poisoning occurs, seconds can mean the difference! You now have one convenient source for multiple options should a pet poison emergency occurs. Print this list out and tape it inside one of your kitchen cabinets, or keep it near your telephone. Make sure all responsible family members know where it is. Every pet owner should be prepared, and currently it could take a long period of time to research this information on the internet from individual websites. When an emergency occurs, time is critical! This list saves you that precious time.

Your home may be filled with guests and holiday festivals. You may be washing the floor and turn to answer the phone. You may accidently drop a prescription pill, or drop something by mistake without even knowing that something bad is about to happen. No matter how hard we all try to keep our pets safe, we need to have prepared something something go wrong.

As a rule of thumb, anything that you would not want to drink or eat is probably not good for your pet. Animals usually weigh a lot less, so a much smaller amount of poison could become a problem. In addition to the obvious such as cleaning supplies, insecticides, garden chemicals, paints, and medicines, even some plant leaves can prove dangerous. When possible, your pet should only eat or drink products labeled for their specific dietary needs. If in doubt, do not allow your pet to eat or drink anything without further research, or approval by your vet!

This list has been provided as a courtesy to all pet owners. The list provides options in an emergency for those without credit cards, or local emergency poison control centers for animals. It offers peace of mind to you, the pet parent! It also helps to stay focused and provide the necessary information as needed.

ASPCA – 1 888 426 4435 – Cost $ 55 billed to credit card – available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

ASPCA – 1 900 443 0000 – Cost $ 55 billed directly to your telephone account – available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

Angell Poison Control Hotline – 1 877 2 ANGELL – Cost $ 55 billed to credit card – available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine – 785 532 5679 – FREE SERVICE – available 24 hours a day / may take a few minutes to page the veterinary toxicologist on call at that time

Animal Poison Hotline – 1 888 232 8870 – Cost $ 35 billed to credit card – available 24/7 – provided by North Shore Animal League & PROSAR International Animal Poison Center

Pet Poison Helpline – 1 800 213 6680 – Cost $ 35 billed to your credit card

National Animal Poison Control Center – 1 800 548 2423 – Cost billed to credit card – request current pricing

National Animal Poison Control Center – 1 900 680 0000 – Cost billed to callers telephone – request current pricing

Tuft University School of Veterinary Medicine – 508 839 5395

Please find the name, address and telephone of the nearest Pet Emergency Clinic in your area and write it in below for future reference.

Name of Emergency




Directions, hours, etc.

In the Event of an Emergency, be Prepared to give the following information:

Your name, address and telephone number

Any information regarding the exposure (ie; the amount of poisonous product, the amount of times since the exposure to the poison, etc.)

The species of animal, breed, age, sex, weight and whether or not more than one animal is involved

The name of the poison or type of poison that the animal was exposed to, if you know (provide as much information as possible)

What problems or symptoms that your animal or animals are experiencing

This information has been prepared as a courtesy to pet owners. All information such as phone numbers, costs or policies could change, but the goal has been to present multiple options to protect your pets in a quick and accessible format. Please read and print this information and place it in a location that is easily found an an emergency occurrence. Please pass this information along to every pet owner that you know, and ask them to do the same.

You love your pets – please protect their health and safety! For More Free Info on Pets, as well as to read many informative pet articles that strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent, visit our new website by clicking: Wipe Paws Here!


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