Physical Symptoms of Depression – Everything You Need to Know


What are the physical symptoms of depression? Contrary to what others believe, depression can manifest physically – and not only be bound in having very sad or suicidal thoughts. If you have depressive thoughts, you generally lack energy to eat or exercise or do the normal things you do. And this lack of energy translates to your body adjusting. These physical symptoms should be good indicators for you to rethink about how you deal with your depression, and start the small steps to ask for help from your trusted friends or doctor.

One of the most common physical symptoms of depression is the loss of weight. This could happen because you are missing meals or not eating as much as you have been before. Your body would not be able to take in its required levels of vitamins and minerals, and become weak. You will not be able to do your work or have enough energy to do things that can make you happy. The loss of weight should be something for you to look out for, since this may cause you to get sick. Getting illnesses would not help you go through the depression.

Physical symptoms of depression can also include the sudden taking up or increase in the doing vices. You might have been smoking occasionally but you are now regularly lighting up a stick, just because you feel like it gives you some comfort. You could also be drinking occasionally with friends, but now you are buying extra bottles to drink all by yourself. This should sound off some alarm because instead of addressing your depression, you end up taking other addiction – on tobacco and alcohol at that.

Lack of sleep or insomnia is also one of the physical symptoms of depression. The depressive thoughts can haunt you at night, and sometimes you spend some nights crying over your current incapacity to do something over the problems. For one, sleep is a natural body healer, and it can help the depressed feeling to subside. You must be able to sleep to relax your mind and your body, and sometimes wake up with some renewed energy to tell yourself that you will make an active choice to dare to fight the depression and do some things that can make you happy – one step at a time. If you can not sleep, it would be helpful to listen to relaxing music or read some fictional books or poetry. If you are in touch with a doctor, you can ask him or her to prescribe some sleeping pills to help you have some restful slumber.


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