Pornography Addiction: Symptoms, Effects And Treatment


Addiction to pornography is not new, but unlike other sex addictions, advances in communication technology have changed it somewhat, intensified it. Before the Internet, pornography was available in the form of video tapes and magazines, and it still is, except that tapes have transitioned into DVDs. But now, online videos and photographs are accessible for free in quantities unheard of before. They can be hidden more easily, too, as it’s simpler for a person with even slight technical skills to bury a file inside a computer than it is for them to conceal a box of porn magazines or videos.

Symptoms of a porn addiction include an spending an inordinate amount of time viewing pornography, and forgoing other regular activities in order to view pornography. Likewise, someone who is in a relationship where his or her partner has a negative view of pornography, yet views it anyway despite damaging the relationship, also likely has an issue. Pornography addiction is frequently accompanied by masturbation; however that is not always a component and it can in fact be considered a separate type of addiction.

Other signs of a pornography addiction are the hoarding of porn. A small stack of magazines or a few tapes and DVDs is not cause for alarm, but multiple boxes raises questions. If they are stashed somewhere and rarely accessed, that may be a sign the person simply does not like to throw things away; however a regular viewing cycle can be another sign of a problem.Other red flags of addiction can include multiple bookmarked sites, hidden folders with numorous images and videos, and keeping all of this secret and/or denying it.

Aside from the time away from family or fulfilling activities, a porn addict can develop unrealistic expectations for sex. There is a marked difference between sex done for a camera’s audience than sex done between consenting adults who have an emotional bond. The sex addict may also find him or herself dependent on pornography to become aroused, which can cause a host of issues if their partner is not on board with it. The partner may be left feeling cheated on or inadequate, which places more strain on the relationship. This can drive porn addicts to hide their pornography collections, thus leading to trust issues.

Traditional forms of pornography such as magazines and videos offered a barrier to addiction in the form of inconvenience. While it did not stop the problem itself, pornography addiction was less prevalent because it was harder to obtain and keep hidden. Now, pornography can be accessed in huge volumes and its use hidden on a computer or mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. This has led to addictions becoming more severe, harder to treat, and in many cases has led to the development of addictions whereas previously the opportunity may not have presented itself.

Treatment for pornography addiction involves 12 step programs, individual and group counseling in which accountability partners are assigned. These are people who have battled their own sex addictions, made some headway in their recovery, and can provide support while being stern at the same time. Computer programs that block pornography in a variety of ways can also be employed.


Source by Scott L Vogal

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