Postpartum Depression – Causes and Symptoms



Postpartum depression affects one in every five new mothers. Many women are unprepared for the reality that they may face when dealing with the symptoms. The most important aspect of dealing with any disease is understanding what is causing these feelings. Postpartum Depression is unique in that there are many factors that can cause it.

After you give birth your body experience a huge drop in estrogen and progesterone. This is thought to be one of the many reasons for postnatal depression. Your thyroid also begins to create less hormones, this can cause feelings of exhaustion, depression, and increased sleep. The hormones produced by your You may also experience changes in your blood pressure, immune system and rate of metabolize.

A new child will also affect you emotionally. The lack of sleep associated with a new born can be overwhelming and when in this state all of your emotions may be accentuated. It is not uncommon for new mothers to feel unattractive, worthless, an anxious. Some new mothers also have feelings that they have lost control of their life.

If you have a history of depression or mental illness you are at a higher risk of developing Postpartum Depression. Older siblings, a fussy baby, trouble with breastfeeding, and issues with your personal finance can cause unwanted stress that can make you suffer worse. It is important to have the support of loved ones around you.

All of these factors have a varying degree of significance in how bad your Postpartum Depression will be.


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