Pregnancy Tip – 3 Invaluable Tips For Achieving A Healthy Pregnancy


At the end of this article, you would have discovered 3 very important tips that will help you maintain – from start to finish – a healthy pregnancy! Okay, let us begin.

The goal of every pregnant woman is this: To carry their baby from conception to delivery in good health! This is a great goal and desire BUT it’s one thing to “desire” and an ENTIRELY different one to “work at” or “achieve”!

Why do I say this you might ask? Well, because “desiring” alone won’t help you attain your goal – you must create a plan that will lead towards that target and then go out there to “work” your plan. But you are very busy right? RIGHT! You have to plan extensively for the arrival of your expected baby! Your body is changing and there are a lot of adjustments to be made! Etcetera, etcetera! Now that’s where this article comes in – Read it to the end and find 3 invaluable pregnancy tips that you can begin to apply today to help you towards your dream of having a healthy pregnancy!

TIP #1 – Stay Away From Harmful Substances!

Both the health of you and your baby can, and most likely will, be jeopardized if you don’t desist from ingesting substances that are harmful to the baby you are carrying. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, certain kinds of medicines, drugs, un-prescribed pills etc., etc. ALL of these can be extremely harmful to you and your baby while pregnant – You must consult your physician to advice you on the kinds of substances that are right for you at this delicate stage of you and your baby’s health. There should be no assumptions! Other harmful substances include sugar in large quantities and caffeine

TIP #2 – Exercise As Much As You Can!

This tip cannot be over-emphasized…The right amount of exercising not only regulates and rejuvenates your body organs and functions, it also enables you keep your body fit, normalizes tension levels in your body and keeps your blood pressure down and normal. Your baby needs your body in this condition to be healthy. And so do you! Walking and swimming are some of the exercises that you should indulge in.

TIP #3 – Get The Appropriate Nutrition!

My final tip is a good nutritional diet. This one is a challenge to keep – The major obstacle to this is that at the time of pregnancy, your body craves a lot of unusual stuff – food, drinks, smells, scents, passions etc., etc – and for this reason, staying away from certain kinds of foods WILL pose a challenge and stretch your will power – BUT remain focused! Remember that you and your baby’s health is at stake here…Most physicians will tell you that the majority of cravings is okay because your body is only demanding what is requires BUT in your “cravings”, just remember to eat a whole lot of grains and vegetables – especially the kind, which contains a lot of calcium, folic acid, iron and protein; all of which your baby needs to stay healthy!

Well, there you have it! 3 highly recommended tips that are guaranteed to keep you and your baby healthy – If you adhere to them that is.

I wish you and your baby(ies) great HEALTH!


Source by Tywford Lamai

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