Proper Caring of Baby Dwarf Hamster


Before starting the process of breeding the dwarf hamster, the owner should make the necessary research about its process. The idea of breeding the dwarf hamster is undeniably motivating. Seeing very tiny baby hamsters between one to ten after of the development period of 18 and 20 days, is incontrovertibly stress alleviating.

The owner should then leave the baby hamster with their mother alone since its development period from birth to 10 days is vulnerable. So be sure not to touch them nor change its cage. In its fourth day the baby hamster will then acquire its color and expected to obtain its fur on its seventh day. After that, on its tenth day it will gradually open its eyes and start to crawl around. It may be a sign that from this time on you may start handling the baby hamster for the succinct span of time. The mother hamster might be overprotective with its newly born baby dwarf hamsters so take signals before handling it. Be reminded that in handling the baby dwarf hamsters extra care is essential. It may be much keyed up and in danger to be critically injured if stumbled from an elevated position. It is possible to tame the hamster by regular handling. Giving them solid food is advisable about two weeks after its birth. It will then start to eat regularly fresh portion of solid foods like wheat germ, small birdseeds, oats and oatmeal. Giving them slice of cucumber and apple is good enough for its advance growth. Baby hamster will also try to eat lab chunk when it reached 3 weeks of age but they will then flourished when they are full-grown. Offering them small granules of foods will help them to grow healthier and faster. When they are able to reach the bottle of water in approximately of 10 days of age, their mother will then nurture them in different ways and gradually start to take care of them less frequently.

In four weeks time the baby hamster should then be put in the separate cage. At that time, baby hamster should also be completely weaned. Separation of cages by gender is recommended to avoid unwanted chronic pregnancies. If the male hamster stayed with its mother the mother hamster will then most likely to get pregnant. In that case separation on its 18th to 20th day is highly advised.

The necessary care given to the baby dwarf hamster is similar with other types of hamster. It is required to keep the cage of the hamster clean. The food and water supply should be changed regularly. Checking your hamster regularly is a must. Cleaning of the cage should be implemented once a week or more if the cage becomes stinking and dirty. You should also make sure that your hamsters are physically healthy and are not wounded due to the unavoidable fight with its little mates sometimes. In its fourth week, the baby hamsters are now ready to be given away or sold as pet.


Source by Karren Rounds

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