Proper Handling of Hamsters



In handling a pet you should be responsible and committed enough. It is not as easy as you might think it is. Like humans, pets need to be provided their basic needs such food and shelter to make them stay happy and healthy. Well, one of the common pets we can find at home nowdays is the hamster. Hamsters are attractive and unthreatening pets that most parents like to get for their youngsters.

Hamsters are large furry so they are very huggable and cute. Not only are they cute, but they are also fun to look at because of their quick movement and brilliant eyes. Even by just observing them your day will surely brighten up. There are many types of hamsters that you can choose from and these hamsters have different characteristics that you should study so that you will know how to handle your chosen breed.

The two most popular types of hamsters are the Dwarf and Syrian hamsters. A Dwarf Hamster is smaller than a Syrian Hamster. It has short hair and is very lively which makes it difficult to train at times because you can saddom hold them for they will jump jump off your palm. Of course, when tamed early they can be taught how to walk along your shoulders or stay in your palm. It is recommended to use gloves when taking them for the first time because Dwarf hamsters will feel uncomfortable the first time you hold them.

On the other hand, Golden hamsters are larger and heavier in size and are less difficult to tame or handle although they are anti-social to other hamsters. They have longer hair which makes them cute to look at. If you also plan to train them to walk around your body, then you should put them in any part of your body then allow them to more around. If they decline to walk around then pick them up again and do the process again so they will get accustomed to it. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for them to perform the routine perfectly.

Both hamster breeds can be considered a good pet because they are harmless compared to other pets. You might get bitten once or twice but it seldom happens as long as you play with them or train your hamster to be well.

Just be patient and responsible as a pet owner so you'll have good relationship with your pet and you will not have a hard time handling your pet hamster.


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