Prostatitis Symptoms That Linger Like A Stinky Fart In The Wind



One annoying thing about prostatitis symptoms is they can go away… only to come back again if you stop taking medication or don’t make changes to your lifestyle or for any number of reasons.

Case in point:

I knew of this one guy who had “on and off” prostate pain for four years straight. It would come and go like some kind of sinister visitor just dropping in to cause some pain… and then abruptly leave. In his case, he was experiencing a burning sensation in one of his testicles whenever he urinated amongst other prostatitis symptoms. He tried everything he could to get rid of it, too. And his doctor put him on all kinds of medications, some of which did some good, but none of which really did the trick. Then, one day, his doctor told him to try a couple unusual remedies. A couple things most people would not think to do. But that, in his case, helped his lingering problem.

What did he do?

First, he started having more sex (and often) – the reason he was told was to “clear out” his prostate as much as possible.

And second, he started drinking lots of water. That was a big problem he was having, apparently. He was not drinking nearly enough water to help flush out bacteria and other “debris” that feed infections.

In the end, those two things did more to get rid of his lingering prostatitis symptoms than any of the fancy medications he’d tried previously. Something to think about if you’re suffering from the same condition.


Source by Radu Belasco

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