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Ladies whenever you like it or not you are never going to look your best if you have developed puffiness around the eyes. If the necessary steps are taken to avoid eye puffiness it can save a lot of time and money. Remember not all eye products are as effective as they say, so you could be throwing away your hard earned cash. More often than not puffiness and dark circles are self inflated due to lack of sleep, too much alcohol or using cosmetics not ideally suited to your skin type. Neverheless be careful, swelling around the eyes can be the result of an eye infection.

Puffy eyes are a huge concern among men women, girls and boys. Causes we connect mainly to puffy eyes are allergies, skin disorders even dermatitis, and fluid retention being another. Study says it can also be heredity. Swollen eyes are not seen as a symptom of seriousness but still talk to your doctor.

1 – Prevent puffy eyes by sleeping with your head elevated. This helps stop fluid flooding the eye. Avoid drinking water at this time. Always pre-form a skin test with different solutions. If the skin is not acceptable with a specific product discontinue use.

2 – Place a "cool" water compress onto tired eyes for several minutes for instant relief.

3 – Thickly sliced ​​chilled cucumber placed over the eyes is effective for reducing swelling.

4 – A gel mask or cold moist tea bags work wonders for refreshing up tired eyes.

Although regular puffiness under the eyes is sometimes caused by lack of sleep, this is not always the case. Puffiness can rise from dehydration, sinus problems, and hormonal fluctuations.

Because the eyes are a delicate organ – and the skin surrounding them sensitive, it means you have to be careful with medication bought from the chemist. People use hemorrhoid cream to reduce puffiness, this is not a source of reliability and neither advisable. Eye skin is tender and because of this irritation can happen if hemorrhoid cream is used. Dryness, inflammation and allergic reactions can occur.

If you have been treating the eyes yourself and there is no indication of the swelling going down then ask your doctor to do tests to determine the cause of puffiness. Other possible reasons could relate to kidney or thyroid issues. Round pouches or bag type appearance could denote Graves' disease.

5 – Cold reduces swelling. Store facial creams in the fridge or cool place

6 – If your puffy eyes are red and itchy, this could mean allergic reaction.

7 – Remember next time you buy makeup that water-based beauty products are lighter than oil-based cosmetics and less likely to cause irritation.
If puffy eyes is giving you grief and you have tried everything to rid the puffiness – do not do anything drastic or make a hasty decision without weighing up the pros and cons, if surgery is on the cards (blepharoplasty.)

Blepharoplasty surgery entails surplus tissue from hooded upper and puffy lower eyelids taken away. Like any operation there are risks – so consider this. Reasons considered for necessity for blepharoplasty is to better vision if marked hooding or excess skin impairs vision. Brow lift surgery may be more of an ideal solution to correct the problem. A consultation with an occuloplastic surgeon would include him / her examining the entire face to section out facial parts for appropriate surgery.

Correction of the upper eyelids is done under local anesthetic, anesthetic drops are settled on the eye followed with a little local anesthetic given to the upper lid to numb while waiting actual surgery. Prepared tissue will already be outlined for a small incision to be made in the skin crease around the tissue to be removed. The operation should result in no damaging eyelid function.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is much the same as the upper eyelids but is also done under general anesthetic. Minimum amounts of skin muscle or fat are removed.
Overhanging fat and surfeit skin is taken away via a small incision under the lower eyelashes (subciliary incision). It is not rare for the surgeon to follow through and remove fat protuberance from inside the eyelid (transconjunctival) without taking any skin. Most people show more concern over scarring. Fortunately if there are no complications, then scarring is almost invisible once healed.

Aftercare is important. You can expect to look like the elephant man for a short while. Eye padding will be used for 1/2 hours to bring down consolidation and swelling of which is expected after this type of surgery. Familiar treatment used for any swollen body part is ice packs. Help speed up the healing by sitting erect and sleeping propped up. Lubricant drops ease the feel of grittiness and dryness.

Blepharoplasty is not recognized as being a painful operation; nonetheless because of differences in people, you may need painkillers. Speak with your doctor about this.

With age the skin becomes loose and begins to sag and it happens to us all. If there is no threat to your health then why not grow old gracefully as nature intended.


Source by Kacy Carr

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