Quit Smoking and Never Smoke Again!



I'd had it. This time I was going to quit smoking and never smoke again. Yeah, you know how dangerous smoking is and what it's doing to your body. But if you're anything like me, you've tried to quit it a dozen times. But then you're at a party having a couple of adult beverages and you figure you can have just one. And then it's back in the hamster wheel with that nicotine monkey on your back.

I've tried them all-the patch, the gum, hypnosis, all of it. And some of them helped. Just not for the long haul. I even quit for three years but I found my way back to cigarettes in the end. So I started rummaging around online to see if there was anything new. And I found something … something called the Easy Quit system. A guy named Pete Howells wrote this ebook about his findings. Howells says that the reason most people fail to quit smoking and never smoke again is they have not learned how to stop smoking forever. They do not have the skills to do it.

Personally I found the Easy Quit system to be the easiest method I've heard of to quit. And without all the cravings, anxiety, the bad moods … and no gain gain. I did not have to:

• "Motivate" myself every day

• Perform any breathing exercise

• Take any sort of medicine, or

• Set a particular date for when I had to quit "

In this book you'll learn what Howells calls the three poles of quitting. These enabled me to quit smoking and never smoke again! You will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year, you'll certainly feel a whole lot better, and you'll be around a lot longer for your family. I mean, even if you do not do it for yourself, would not you want to do it for them? If you'd like to be given the skills to quit, or if you just want some more information about the Easy Quit system, check out the link in my author's box below. You'll breath easier for it.


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