Reasons on Why You Should Go to a Medical Checkup Every Year


Most people are afraid to go the doctor for even a check up. This in turn can cause a more frequent visit to the doctor's office as a result of larger complications that may go unchecked. It is best that after the age of 35, you go to a medical check up once a year and after the age of 50, you should go to a medical check up two times a year.

A medical check up will involve the drawing of blood and urine, measurement of your vital signs, an x ​​ray of your cardiovascular system along with several cardiovascular tests that try to determine the state of your cardiovascular system and your arteries. However, although this process may seem frightening for some, it can be an important lifesaver for the future for the following reasons.

Medical checkups are designed to protect you from serious diseases before you have them. You might be genetically predisposed towards certain diseases just because you may have had them in your family. Here is a medical check up that can provide an early diagnosis system to steer you away from any trouble before it occurs.

Some terminal diseases such as pancreas cancer can suddenly suddenly and without any warning signs. Here by the time that you know you have a problem, it can be too late to do something about it. Thus in situations like these, it is best that you know about the disease in its primary stages. Many forms of cancer and fatal illnesses are treatable nowdays as long as they can be diagnosed very early.

At the worst, even with a terminal disease like AIDS, it can be kept under control with early diagnosis. Do not forget that the warning signs and symptoms can be felt too late with some diseases.

A medical check up will also allow your personal physician to have a complete history of your medical background. Thus if and when you have a medical complication, these previous medial check up reports of your healthy self can be used as a baseline on which to form a prognosis.

A medical check up is also a good way to get acquainted with your body. This way you will be more health conscientious and then you can live in harmony with your body. This can also help you to get into a habit of healthy dieting and daily exercise as you become more health conscious.


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