Reiki For Your Dog, Cat, Horse Or Any Pet You Love – Amazing Health Benefits


Dogs, Cats, and Horses love Reiki. I have been privileged to work with these wonderful animals, and I know how much they love their Reiki sessions.

I would like to talk about our special friends, the animals and pets we all love. It does not matter what pet you have, Dog, Cat, Horse or Snake. Reiki will work for them.

Those skeptical about complementary medicine will usually attribute any beneficial effect to the placebo response. "If I believe strongly enough that Reiki (or whatever) will make me better" then the likelihood is that better you will be!

But the same argument can not apply to animals that can have no expectations one way or another about whether a particular treatment will work, and so, the place response can not apply. Here, where alternative or complementary remedies do work – the effect must be genuine.

I have seen dogs, cats and bigger animals relax and improve when treated with Reiki: Your pet will respond wonderfully to any Reiki treatments. I love to work with the animals and pets of my friends and family. If you have pets of any kind they will love their treatments.

I know some veterinary surgeries do have complimentary healing practitioners on their books. And like doctors, the vets are starting to realize that Reiki can help their patients too.

All animals benefit from Energy Healing, and of course that is exactly what Reiki is. Reiki is an extraordinary healing force. Reiki flows through the Reiki practitioner to your pet and they become extremely relaxed and sleepy. Reiki healing energy focuses on the Reiki healing life power. The wholesome energy contained in our bodies. By means of the channel force from us to the recipient, the troubled areas under revitalization. This revitalization is nothing else but 'Life Force'

The entire beneficial amount of positive thinking and feelings, conveyed to the recipient (your beloved pet) translates into light. This Reiki healing light adds to the life flow energy, it helps with all manner of illness and upsets your pet may encounter. It will help to calm them and ensure they will get any help that is available from the Reiki healing force.

One of the supreme rewards of a Reiki alternative treatment (for you and your pet) is in the significant decrease of stress. You know when your pet is suffering stress or upset, especially if they have had surgery, or other treatments that mean a visit to the vets.

Recovery from surgery can be quite surprising, especially when the treatments begins some weeks prior to the scheduled operation. Then you carry on the Reiki after their treatment and it all comes together to help and improve after-effects and recovery time. We know that Reiki is a particular type of discharge energy transfer.

In the healing process, the Reiki therapist lays her hands on or above your beloved pet or animal that is being treated. And it goes to them through the healing light. In this way, a relationship takes place between the patient and an immeasurable spring of life energy. This sort of force is an exceptionally potent one, yet is incredibly kind and soothing.

If you would like to help the world's animals, (and in some countries they badly need lots of help) including UK. and USA. I'm afraid. In your mind's eye see a picture of the animals you would like to send Reiki love and healing to, and send it to them on a beam of loving light.

The endangered sea-life need all the help they can get too. Not many of us are blessed to give hands-on-healing to Whales and Dolphins, but we can send love and Reiki to them. We just have to think about a pod of Whales or Dolphins swimming with joy in our oceans, and send them our loving and healing thoughts.

You may be one of those lucky people who live where you can see the pods swimming, how wonderful for you. As you watch them at play, send love and light to them, and you may be very surprised at their joyful reaction.

Reiki is a secure and preferred manner of coping with a variety of complications. A Reiki treatment will not upset your pet in any way. They will relax and let the healing energy work. There are absolutely no contraindications with Reiki for human patients or animals.

Reiki relaxes your body and mind. so whatever pet you have they will feel wonderful. Evan very small animals can accept Reiki, your little mouse or hamster will benefit from a little hands-on healing.


Source by Margaret Ann Jones

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