Robo Dwarf Hamster Tips


This hammy's care is very much the same care as t other types of dwarf hamster breeds. Consider their size, when setting up their home and purchasing supplies. an aquarium that is 10 gallon or larger can be a suitable home for one or two with a breathable lid.

When outfitting your dwarf hamsters home with an exercise wheel is very important for your pet as they like to move about and travel. A wheel that is gaged to their size that is solid without rungs is ideal. Robo's have been clocked at traveling up to 5 kilometers in a single evenings exercise.

If you chose to house more than one dwarf hamster together it is best if they have known each other from birth and have remained living together. They will tend to be more tolerant of each other. Often it's the lack of space and available food that causes stress and fights to break out. Provide your pets with ample room and each with a hiding place of their own. That way should a fight break out, they have a place to go hide in. If fighting persists, it's best to separate them, so have a back up cage, just in case!

They also enjoy having baths, not the kind of bath with water however! A sand bath. They like to roll around in the chinchilla sand as it helps clean the oil off of their coats. Your pet will appreciate a bowl or container, filled with chinchilla sand and ample enough room to have a good roll around in.

As they are gnawing animals they will require wooden chew toys. You can obtain unstained and untreated wood chew blocks from the pet store. Please try and avoid using exercise balls as they can become stressed by feeling trapped inside and overheated.

Roborovskii hamsters are instinctive burrowing animals, and will benefit and enjoy having bedding about 2 inches in depth scattered all over their cage floor. They will move about the bedding to suit themselves. When purchasing bedding or substrate as it's sometimes called, be sure it is not cedar based as it can cause your hammy to become ill. Change the bedding and clean the cage once a week and if two or more are living together it will require changing more often.

Proper nutrition plays an important role in your pet's health, reproductive and life span. By providing your pet with pellets made for dwarf hamsters, fresh water, occasional veggies and avoiding processed food and junk food will benefit your pet.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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