Robo Hamster Care


Robo dwarf hamster care is generally the same care as the other dwarf hamster breeds. When buying supplies keep their small size in mind.

  • A 10 gallon aquarium can make an ideal home for one or two full grown adults.
  • Use a breathable lid that allows air flow and also protects your pet from items being dropped into its home or other pets entering!
  • Situate their home in a well ventilated, draft free area, that is never in direct sunlight or near heaters or fans.
  • They are natural gnawing creatures and would appreciate wood untreated chewy toys, not plastic. Plastic bits can break off and hurt your pets mouth.
  • Dwarf hamsters may be tiny but they like to travel. They have been known to put 5 miles on their wheel exercising in a day!
  • Use an exercise wheel that is geared for their size and that is solid without rungs.

As they are natural burrowing animals, using about 2 inches of bedding all over their cage floor will help to satisfify their need to dig and burrow.

  • Dust free as possible bedding, that is prepackaged for hamsters, can be easily found at the pet store. You can save money when purchasing in bulk.
  • Avoid using cedar based bedding as it can cause allergies and make your hammy ill.
  • Change the bedding at least once a week and more often if there are two rooming together.
  • Clean and wash the cage once a week

Supply your dwarf hamster with the opportunity to have a special type of sand bath as this enables them to clean the oil from their coat by rolling around in it.

Nutrition plays an important role in the quality of your pets health and lifespan. They are true hoarding animals and enjoy stashing away food, far more than they can eat!

Replenish their food and water daily and clean out the water bottle so bacteria does not build up!

The robo hammy is very small and extremely quick moving. Often they prefer not to be handled and make an ideal pet for those that enjoy watching their pets. They can be quite entertaining to watch and the pleasure of ownership far out weights the commitment of daily robo hamster care.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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