Roborovski Dwarf Hamster Care Misconceptions


Lots of people usually think that adopting a Dwarf Hamster for their children is better than having a dog or cat as a pet. They suppose that since Dwarf Hamsters are small and can be placed in a cage, in some way this means that they need less attention compared to the more usual pets people have.

If you also believe in this theory then you should not be considering adopting a Dwarf Hamster. The truth of the matter is, Dwarf Hamsters require the same amount of care as any cat or dog, and sometimes even more.

Because of their metabolism they need a lot of exercise while they are in their cage, a hamster can run up to five miles a night, remember they are nocturnal creatures, this is mimicking their behavior in the wild where they roam through the sand dunes looking for food all night. Aside from a lot of running on their wheel, they also require at least an hour everyday to roam around freely, and by this I mean in a secure area where they cannot escape or be attacked by a cat or any other pets that you may have. A hamster ball or your bathtub lined with towels and filled with lots of hamster toys is generally a good bet.

Dwarf Hamsters need to have their regular daily exercise and get out of their cage, otherwise your hamster’s health is at risk and they can get stressed and even die. So please do not underestimate the importance of their daily exercise routine, they need it even if you do not feel like it yourself.

You should also take note that Dwarf Hamsters are not always easy to handle. Particular breeds like the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster are very small and can escape from your hands very quickly. You need to teach your children and family the proper and safe methods to hold a hamster, otherwise you may lose your pet in an instant.

You may also think that caring for a Dwarf Hamster is the same as caring for other kinds of hamsters. Again, you have got the wrong idea. Although they require the same amount of food and exercise, Dwarf Hamsters need special and unique care since they are much smaller than their other relatives.

Owning a Dwarf Hamster is a rewarding experience, one I highly recommend, but some thought and preparation has to go into it first. Finding the correct information and then doing things right from the start will make your families lives and the life of your new pet a lot more pleasant and far more rewarding!


Source by Francis Harris

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