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Numerous varieties of species such as Roborovski's Dwarf Hamster, Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamster, and Winter White Dwarf hamster are all referring to Russian Dwarf Hamster. It is often mistaken that Campbell's Russian and Winter White Dwarf hamsters are just one species because their color and sizes are approximately 8-10 centimeters are indistinguishable. The smallest among the three types of Russian Dwarf hamster is the Roborovski hamster. It is said that the average size of the adult grow for about 4-5 centimeters only.

In the pet store, Winter White Dwarf hamsters are rarely seen compared with the Campbell's Dwarf hamster. These types of hamsters are frequently sold twosome and are incredibly sociable. One dazzling characteristic of these tiny creatures is that it has the ability to transform its color in winter time. Back in its habitat homeland, Winter White that is normally dark gray in color changes to white so as to disguise themselves from the predator. It is one of the amazing attribute why some are captivated to choose them as pet. The quantity of natural sunlight that the White hamster receives everyday has great contributions in the progress of its color change. Shorter exposures of sunshine prompt them to change its color to white. Since Winter White exposed mostly in artificial light their colors presumably lasts the same.

In one place in Mongolia called Djungaria, Campbell's Russian hamster originated that is the main reason why this hamster is called Djungaria. This type typically found in different local pet shops. Because of the mounting fame of this type of hamster, most of the pet owners find ways on how to creatively breed the hamster that's the reason why they come up into different combination of patterns and marksings. Aside from its ordinary untamed color, color combination mottled and spots like shades of black, blue, and lilac are possible for the owners to breed.

The natural habituation of the Roboroski hamsters originated in the barren region sandbank of Eastern and Western part of Mongolia and some other parts of Northern China. Compared with Campbell's and White Winter hamsters family it is a bit smaller but have a little longer leg. It has sandy brown color that line up gray color underneath. Sometimes putting them into wire cages is not commendable because of its vital characteristics in addition to the facts that it is typically small in size. Most of these tiny active creatures can compress them between the bars. Roboroski hamsters are fond of bathing in the dust. They love to groom themselves most of the times.

The care given to different types of Russian Dwarf Hamsters is equally the same. Giving your dwarf hamster a hamster ball is one of the good thoughts for it to exercise outside the cage. Since most of them are fast and active, be sure not to place it near the stairs, for it has the tendency to stumble down using the ball.


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