Russian Dwarf Hamster "Jewels" – Fur Coat Colors and Textures


The Russian hamster is a very tiny creature that is known by a few other big names, such as Siberian Hamster, the Russian winter white or the striped hairy-footed hamster. This dwarf hamster full grown weighs in at 1 to 2 ounces and tend to be about 4 inches in length generally good natured and sociable.

Their basic colors are dark gray, lilac blue or purple gray with a predominately white head. One reason this hamster is also called the Russian winter white is because their coats prominently turn white in response to reduced levels of sunlight. In the wild, where breeding of color is natural, they are commonly dark gray, with a black dorsal strip, prominent white belly and striking black eyes.

Hamster "jewels" colors are obtained when breeding for coat colors and texture of their hair. Sapphire Siberian dwarf hamsters are blue-gray or purple-gray, once again with a dark dorsal strip on it's back, The belly color is ivory with striking black eyes.

The other "jewels" color is Pearl. Their whole coat is pearl – almost all pearl white in color, with black or purple hairs scattered randomly about their coat. On the head and their spine is a bit of color and where there is black hairs on the back one can notice the bit's and pieces of the dorsal stripe and is called the Siberian Pearl.

If your interested in showing off your pet hamsters colors, try contacting your local pet store to find out about local breeders and hamster clubs that facilitate Hamster shows. At most pet shows, the hamster is judged in a class of members of it's own type and sex. Then the categories are split from there into age and coat color. Each hamster is given points for how closely they match the ideal standard, with the condition of it's fur, ears and eyes are all part of the judging. Perhaps you might need to make some room at home for your turn to bring home the trophy!


Source by Kym Sutherland

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