Secret Symptoms of Hemorrhoids



A bulging in the anal area where the stool passes is called a hemorrhoid. This occurs when under pressure increases, this causes the blood to clot in the blood vessels, thus, creating a bulge in the anal area. There are a vast number of symptoms to know when one has a hemorrhoid. Some of the most common symptoms are bleeding, pain and swelling around the anal area and also itching. One will notice blood on tissue during every bowel movement or even blood in the toilet bowl after bowel movement.

This usually happens when the stool is very hard and very large. A person with hemorrhoid will sometimes notice a pain after every bowel movement. Watery fluid or mucus may leak when one has a prolapsed hemorrhoid. Also, a bulge or lump may protrude outside the anus, this can sometimes be itchy and painful. However, one can push the bulge back inside the anus if it will not go back by itself.

When one has an external hemorrhoid, one will notice a lump around the anus, this is usually firm and painful. The lump's color is usually blue or purple. Itching occurs when an internal hemorrhoid releases mucus that causes the skin to be irritated. Discomfort occurs when the hemorrhoid bulges or protrudes outside the anus. One will experience pain when a large sized hemorrhoid swells and when it is squeezed by the muscles in the anal region. The pain becomes severe when the blood supply is being cut off.


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