Sexual Frustration and Your Health



After our most basic need for water, food, warmth and shelter have long been met we turn to work, love, pleasure, lifestyle and intimacy. Finding a suitable partner is a major human activity. In fact, making money is the number two activity of many of us humans, a long way second after searching for love.

If you’re like me, you may not have even considered the health and well-being aspect of your relationship(s). Those of you that are sexually active probably take for granted the capability to ‘get it on’ with a partner whenever you want. Take away that capability and you can be left with a level of frustration that is just about bearable.

Some of us choose sexual abstinence as a way of dealing with frustration but most of us do not, as a rule, deliberately make such a choice. For one, it is difficult to ignore your innermost most base desires. Ignoring them seems to go against the laws of nature. “Loss of partner” and “relationship breakups” are two events after which you may find yourself lonely and frustrated.

If you are highly-sexed you’ll tend to suffer most. The fix is easy so maybe you won’t suffer too much. Sexual frustration can lead people to do things that they won’t normally do and cause some to make bad choices. For example, you may go with someone that you would not normally look twice at if your hormones had been in check.

You may find it difficult to concentrate on whatever tasks you are doing. As a man you may have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams that include some sort of sexual activity leading you towards orgasm). You may lose your appetite for food. As a woman you may experience some involuntary thigh-clenching when in public. You may flirt more, involuntarily. You may find yourself going to places (bars, clubs) where your chances of getting physical with someone are increased. My partner once knew a girl that would go to the lavatory several times a day while at work to relieve herself. She was quite open about it and everyone knew about her frustrations at home.

Your hormones make you see the world differently when you are sexually un-fulfilled. Your’e less in control of this than you think. I’m not suggesting that you are out of control but just not as much in control as you should be. For example, I was at the movies with a girl that was so horny that her behaviour became embarrassing. She was writhing and moaning against me and wanted to sit in my lap and touch her almost as soon as I met her for that date. On another occasion I went shopping with a girl. I waited while she tried some clothes on in the dressing rooms. She was a while and I was a bit puzzled about why some staff were smiling and staring at her as she walked back towards me and straight past me. She didn’t buy anything which was unusual for her! When quizzed later, about why she had taken so long, she reluctantly admitted to relieving herself and making a bit too much noise in the dressing room. Apparently, the first orgasm was quick but the other took longer.

Sexual frustration, therefore, has a relatively easy fix. “Taking care of business” yourself (as it is euphemistically referred to), assuming of course that you are physically able and willing, is probably the easiest and most controllable way. Alternatively, you may need to get someone else to do it for you, but, in this case, you would probably consider yourself to be in a relationship.

There are, of course, other circumstances where you may find yourself in need of some physical intimacy.

1) Your partner may be ill or unwell leaving you unfulfilled.

2) Your partner may be away for an extended period leaving you unfulfilled.

3) Your partner has passed away leaving you unfulfilled.

4) Your partner may not desire to get physical as often as you would like (or put another way one of you may be more highly sexed that the other) leaving you unfulfilled.

5) Your partner-finding dating process may be taking longer than you want to, leaving you unfulfilled.

6) You don’t have a partner or you’ve never had a partner leaving you unfulfilled.

7) You may be unwell for a protracted period

When frustrated your body directs your behaviour towards fulfilment at any cost. It’s almost irrational. In the same way that it is good advice to not go shopping while hungry, unless you were planning to eat out, it is similarly a good idea to not go on a date while feeling frustrated. As you’ve seen it can have consequences.

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