Shopping For Individual Health Insurance


Finding individual health insurance is a task no one enjoys. Health insurance is especially troublesome to compare and shop. Medical insurance companies seem to be trying to outdo one another to get your business. It’s even more complex because each plan has different expenses, deductibles and other large and small details. If you are feeling lost in the health insurance maze, these points may help you find your way out.

Consider the Monthly Premiums You’ll Pay

Medical insurance brings with it some major costs. This cost is the monthly payment, also referred to as a premium. As an insurance customer, you pay this premium every month, even if you do not use the insurance. Your health insurance quote should clearly show the premium cost.

The Costs of Making A Claim

Additional costs may arise when you make a claim. There may be a fixed cost associated with each doctor or hospital visit. You may be responsible for a percentage of the total costs. These incidental costs vary based on the medical problem, your policy, whether the hospital or doctor are in your network, and many more. You should expect any medical insurance quote to explain all of these costs.

Consider Your Deductible Costs

Individual health insurance plans frequently require you to pay a fixed amount before the benefits start. This amount is referred to as a deductible, because the insurance provider deducts it from the amount they pay. Plans with higher deductibles often have lower premiums. Make sure that your medical insurance quote clearly states any deductible.

Additional Out of Pocket Costs

Even after you pay the deductible, the insurance may not take care of the full amount of the claim. Patients are often expected to pay a certain percentage of the post-deductible expenses. This amount is often set at 20 to 30 percent, depending on the terms of your insurance policy. Your health insurance quote should state these out of pocket costs, and you need to understand them completely.

Out of Network Treatment

Some insurance plans pay the most benefits when the patient visits doctors recommended by the plan. This list of doctors is called the network. Because of this, it is best to use only doctors who are inside the network. Sometimes, it is not possible to use network doctors when you are traveling. Therefore, check your medical insurance quote to find out if there are differences between in and out of network doctors.

Shopping for health insurance can make your head spin. But, if you ever have a medical emergency, you may save yourself a lot of money by taking the time to do it. Comparing medical insurance quotes from several companies will prove the best way to handle the task. Make sure to consider the points listed above when making your comparison, as well as other costs and details. Then you will be ready to choose the individual health insurance plan that best matches your needs and budget.


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