Short Term Health Coverage – Being Insured in Between Jobs



This economy has caused many things in our lives to be different than in past years. Because of this, the need for short term health coverage has grown. Due to more people having to look for new employment and it taking new college graduates longer to find employment, these individuals have had to seek health care coverage places other than through a traditional group plan.

Short term health coverage is health insurance that is designed to cover a person for a few days up to a year. It is for the purpose of covering a person when they know that they are only going to need health insurance for a short time and will become enrolled in a group plan in a short time. It is most often used by individuals that are between jobs or recent graduations that are looking for a job.

You might think that it would be okay to go without medical insurance for a short time and you may not be any worse off for doing it, but on the other hand it is possible there could be devastating consequences. If you need to be hospitalized during that time, you could be looking at a medical bill that is in the thousands of dollars and will take years to pay.

Getting short term heath insurance is easier than most people realize. There are resources on the internet that offer this type of insurance and you can be insured within a matter of a few days. You simply submit a few pieces of information about yourself and wait on the quotes to be returned. This type of insurance is usually very basic, but it will cover you for things that could get into some serious money.

If you are in temporary need of insurance, do not be fooled into thinking that you can go without. Get a free quote for short term health coverage and protect your assets.


Source by Marjorie Salada

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