Sick Dwarf Hamster Prevention


Nobody likes to get sick, this statement definitely holds true with dwarf hamsters. Not only is it unsuitable for the hamster, but it's no walk in the park for the owner either. It's just plain depressing having to worry about a sick dwarf hamster, not to mention they definitely will not be in any shape to play. So how do you cure a sick dwarf hamster? I'm not going to go over this question, but I will go over a question I feel is very important and one that you should be asking first, "How do I prevent my hamster from getting sick?"

Many people do not even worry about their hamster's health until after they already have a sick dwarf hamster on their hands. This is not a good way to go about things. You should really take preventive measures to keep your hamster as healthy as possible so he never has to get sick. By doing this, not only will you be able to avoid many illnesses, but your hamster will also be more spry and upbeat. The key to preventing your hamster from getting sick is properly caring for him. Every little thing affects your hamster's health. Even things that you may have just assumed were for comfort. For example, if the bedding you use is too dusty, it can lead to respiratory problems. Even something as simple as where you place their cage is important, if you place it near a drafty window they're of course more likely to get sick. Proper care is the first step in avoiding a sick dwarf hamster.

Even with proper care though, sometimes sickness is inevitable. This is especially true with the common cold as this is the kind of thing that everyone gets ever. On the other hand, there are also illnesses that are deadly. There are many ways to spot where your dwarf hamster is sick. The largest and most immediately obvious one is if they're your hamster is acting out of the ordinary. If your normally lively dwarf hamster looks a bit off and does not have much energy, it is very well may be sick. Other symptoms general symptoms are that he looks weak and he's coughing. If your dwarf hamster is sick, it is very important to diagnose what's wrong with him and have it handled immediately, as you do not want to take any chances with a life threatening sickness.


Source by George Grayson

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