Sick Dwarf Hamster – Symptoms



Having a sick dwarf hamster is no light matter. There are many hamster ailments that are potentially life threatening. So even though it might only be a simple cold, it’s important to take things seriously. As a hamster owner, you should be able to tell when your hamster gets sick so you can respond accordingly.

So how do you tell if you’ve got a sick dwarf hamster on your hands? There are a few signs that you should be aware of so that if your hamster starts to get sick, you’ll be able to notice it right away. The first sign is that your hamster just looks different. They aren’t their usual selves and don’t have as much energy as they normally show. Also, their eyes just won’t have that shine they normally have. Other possible signs that are a bit more obvious are if your hamster is shaking, looks weak, is coughing, or has developed a strange walk. These are just some initial symptoms too look out for. Other symptoms that are related to specific illnesses are droppings smeared across his backside, noisy or heavy breathing, or patches of fur missing and sore spots on his body.

If you believe your dwarf hamster is sick, you should take action immediately. If you have more than one hamster, the very first thing you should do is quarantine your sick dwarf hamster. You don’t want to take the chance that whatever illness your hamster has is contagious. In addition to separating the sick dwarf hamster you will want to clean out the cage. If the illness is contagious then it’s possible there are parts of the cage that it is still lurking and could spread to your other hamsters. So you want to get the cage as spick and span as possible. Sterilize everything you can and replace all old bedding.

Now that you’ve made sure your other hamsters won’t get sick, it is time to figure out what your hammy has so that you can treat it. Different illnesses have different symptoms, so in order to properly diagnose your hamster’s sickness you’ll need to be familiar with the dwarf hamster illnesses and symptoms. If you are unsure, then you should call a veterinarian as soon as possible.


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