Sitz Bath For Fast Easy Hemorrhoid Relief


Out of all the medications and procedures that you can use for a horrible hemorrhoid problem, the sitz soak is by far the best solution for the irritating symptoms of a hemorrhoid condition.

Plain ole water is an excellent source to calm the burning, the pain and the itching of irritated veins in or on the rectum.

Sitting in a tub of warm water is soothing and very cost effective. A warm sitz soak is not harsh on the bottom, because there is no chemicals in it that will make your hemorrhoids frown, unlike some of the prescription drugs or over the counter medicines that have steroids as part of the chemical compound, or ingredient that comes with the creams, ointments or hemorrhoid pads.

There is nothing in the water that will give you a reverse reaction, or a side effect that will upset your derriere, nor will it send your body into a whirlwind of unnecessary complications if you happen to over do it in the fact that you enjoy those quiet, peaceful moments of relaxation and "me time" in the privacy of your bath tub. There is no other medication is as soothing and calming as the sitz bath.

The only thing you will have to remember is that you do not want the water too hot or too cold if you want that calming effect.

When one is bothered on a daily basis of hemorrhoid flare-ups, it is very important that you keep that very sensitive area clean. If you are taking sitz baths two or three times a day; guess what, you just may end up having the cleanest bottom on your block.

With a sitz soak solution, you do not have to run to your doctor for a prescription, which will save you time and money, especially if you have a minor flare-up episode.

Soaking the pain, swelling away is ideal in controlling the situation without medication. Notice I said without medication. You do not need to add anything to the water to calm the symptoms. All you need is plain old H-2-O to do the trick.

Now sitz baths may not heal the hemorrhoid condition; however, it will make your life more pleasant and your bottom more comfortable.

If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, you will love this treatment, because it will leave you feeling brand new each and every time you use it.

Imagine this remedy along with a change of diet; this solution could be the cure for your hemorrhoid blues, especially when what you eat are causing the derriere 'problems in the first place.

They say there really is not a cure for hemorrhoids, not even when you clip them away because they can return. Creams, ointments and suppositories only work temporarily and come with possible side effects that could worsen the condition, or at least worsen the symptoms; leaving your feeling more miserable.

However, a diet change is the solution for a hemorrhoid condition, and the sensational sitz bath or soak will give your bottom instant relief when you find yourself training, itching, burning or swilling from an episode. If you ask me, you can trust the sitz bath 100%. You will walk away with ease, I guarantee.


Source by Larry S Lee

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