Steps to Remove a Virus

by Lee Pham


Preventing virus infection is much easier than taking the steps to remove a virus. Unfortunately most internet users leave their system open for compromise.

Millions of potential risks are hidden within malicious websites and downloadable files. This number expands everyday with new, evolved viruses being spread worldwide. Anyone who uses a computer consistently has had to deal with a harsh virus infection – with us relying more on our home computers to bank, shop and so forth.. Is it really worth it to go unprotected?

Although no virus is the same and require unique handling, there are several ‘rough’ steps you can take to repair the infected system.

Steps to remove a virus

Step 1: Scan

If your PC is bootable in safe mode, run your anti-virus program to scan the whole system, you may need to connect to the Internet to update your anti-virus or download an anti-virus application.

Several websites offer a free scan for your system if you’re on a tight budget. Unfortunately they cannot repair the infection – it leads us to step 2.

Step 2: locate and destroy

Once you have found the name of the specific virus that has corrupted your system, you can do an information search online for more details and guides geared towards that type of virus. If you have advanced knowledge of your operating system, you can do a system search and delete the files and registry entries yourself.

Downloading an anti-virus program might be the solution if you are unsure of what files to remove or cannot find any specific advice on this virus.

Step 3: preventing and updating

Spyware and other damaging applications could be the source of these infections. Enter your control panel via the start menu, open add/remove programs. Remove any unnecessary programs that have recently been installed, especially 3rd party toolbars which can often create havoc.

Internet Explorer is known for its loop holes and exploitations, consider installing FireFox as your new internet explorer (its free and open source).

Step 4: installing defense

Chances are this infection took you by surprise and you have no idea where the attack came from. Installing the latest anti-virus protection [] is vital for anyone consistently using the internet.


Source by Alex Redbridge

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