Stop the Binge Drinking Cycle – Do You Keep Giving in to the Temptation of Intoxication


Do you promise yorself that you'll stop the binge drinking but later give in? You are never too old to stop drinking. Think about the regret you feel after a binge or how it ruins parties, your family interactions and your own self-esteem. Are you sick of living in a way that creates the constant feeling of embarrassment and foolishness? Yeah binges are not daily. Usually they are periodic and occur from time to time. Nonetheless, sometimes you can feel like there is an inner clock where the stress just builds up. Sometimes it needs to be released. It's like blocking a tea pot kettle from whistling. This can be when the drinking binge begins.

You feel like you HAVE to give in to it. One thing that weakens a person who is involved in binge drinking is the sense of having no self-control. You wake up the next day angry with yourself and feeling a sense of regret. Often you do not like yourself. You start to grow a general feeling that you can not stick to any resolutions or follow through on goals. There is a sense of sadness about feeling like you fell of the wagon. It can be discouraging to look at your life and the time spend throwing up and passing out.

Yes, the actual night of the binge drinking may have felt like fun initially. But there are moments of deep reflection where you can feel that your life is like a hamster running on it's wheel. Do some things to try to stop the pattern. If you have to drink, have one or two beers but do not buy a huge bottle of vodka or another alcoholic beverage, as you know that it is too hard to control the urge to drink. Be honest about your tenders.

Find alternatives that can get you a certain natural high. If you are of college-age, there can be an exhilaration through paintball or an extreme sport. Many people do it for the high. If it's winter, skiing can be a wonderful rush. You do not have to give up that "good feeling". Keep that desire to feel light and stress-free. However, do not tie it to an activity such as drinking that results in headaches, nausea and a sense of self-loathing the next day.


Source by Dee Cohen

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