Supplies For Dwarf Hamster


Owning of dwarf hamsters has no difference in owning other kinds of pets. To provide all the indispensable care on your pet, supplies are one of the most important things to consider regardless of what type of pet you wish to have. In home setting environment, it is necessary that your pet should live at ease. In order to provide that extra special care for them, different supplies are available in pet stores.

One of the most important supplies in considering having dwarf hamster at home is the cage. Dwarf hamsters perform well in different cages such as plastic or aquarium tank and wire cages. The first thing to consider is the ample space for your dwarf hamster to wander around. Considering the space is very important particularly if you purchase two hamsters and will place them in one cage. Or if you procure baby hamster that will naturally grow somewhat larger. Substrate is considered as one of the most important element of the hamster’s cage. Putting roughly around two inches of substrate on the entire base of the cage is fine, while buttressing the substrate five to six inches on either one or both sides of the cage permits the dwarf hamster to mount and burrow. One of the interesting facts about hamster that most of the people are unaware of is that it can be trained using the litter box. You can check on the area on the cage where you can find all the dung. Having hamster potty that are available in the different pet supply is one way to train them where to put their litter. What you need is to load the potty with hay, using of clumping cat rubbish or clay is not advisable because it can cause respiratory or digestive problems on dwarf hamster.

Another vital supply in the world of dwarf hamster is the chew toys. People think that chew toys are just associated for dogs. But due to the facts that dwarf hamster’s teeth continue to grow, it has strong urge to nibble things around them. If they don’t do that there is a possibility that its teeth would then grow larger and may not be able to close their mouth and may starve to death. Hamster’s chew toys have different colors, sizes and shapes which are made from soft wood. To ensure that the hamster’s chew toys are safe and dirt free to use regular checking is necessary.

Water bottled is another basic supply for dwarf hamster. This is to ensure that the hamster regularly intake water supply to keep them hydrated and healthy. The bottled water should then change in a regular basis to guarantee that they intake purely fresh water. Normally it hangs on the side of the cage which is ideal for these rodents. By using this bottle, you can keep the hamster’s cage tidy. Some uses water bowl, but the problem here is that there is the possibility for the water to spill that may cause the substrate wet and messy. Always check the water bottle of your hamster. Make sure that the water bottle is leak or crack free and regularly have a fresh water supply.

Since dwarf hamsters are typically shy, they will be pleased about having a place where they can hide. House hamster is also available in the pet store. Hamster can build a nest inside so they can have complete privacy. These supplies make your hamster’s living relaxed and contentedly.


Source by Karren Rounds

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