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Cancer is one of the deadliest sicknesses everyone fears. Not only will the person experience a painful death but also a tragic ending to all your savings. That is why it is very important to have knowledge about the different signs and symptoms of certain cancers so that at an early stage you can still be able to overcome it and no longer have to go through painful medicines and treatments. I have listed below some of the common signs and symptoms to help curious people like you.

1. Fever – This is on of the common signs but mostly occurs after the cancer has spread from its origin. The majority of cancer patients will experience fever at some point of time and makes it more difficult for the immune system to fight the infection. Fever is one of the early signs of certain cancers like blood cancer.

2. Strange weight loss – Those who have cancer will experience a sudden loss in weight for no reason. This is called "unexplained weight loss". This is usually the first sign of cancer and mostly happens with cancers of the lung, stomach or pancreas.

3. Permanent Sores – This is visible to certain cancers like skin cancer wherein your sores keep on bleeding. This should be treated immediately, especially with smokers and drinkers.

4. Abnormal Discharge – Unusual bleeding on certain parts of the body may also be signs of early cancer. This may affect the different parts of the body like blood in the phlegm that constituents to lung cancer or blood in the stool that may be a symptom of colon cancer.

5. Thickening of Certain Body Parts – Majority of cancers can be seen through the skin. The thickening of the skin commonly occurs in the breasts, lymph nodes, testicles and body tissues.

6. Swallowing Difficulties – This is where the person undergoes troubles in swallowing and digesting the food that they eat. This may possibly lead to cancer of esophagus.

It is very hard to battle against cancer because it not only affects your body but also your mind and emotions. That's why presence of mind is indeed needed to be able to surpass this sickness. There are also a lot of precautionary methods you can do to avoid having cancer like having a regular check up with your doctor so that you can monitor your health. Another best thing to do is to have insurance. There are many of health insurance companies in the vicinity today who are willing to offer and help us get the best benefits that we will need in order to have a more economic way of raising our medicines and health benefits.


Source by Daryl G Dela Cruz

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