Symptoms of Gout – Pre-Symptoms of Hyperuricemia



The common symptom of gout is the sudden swelling of the big toe, especially in the middle of the cold night when you are sleeping soundly. This inflamed toe gives the awful painful sensation that is unbearable. For those who experience a gout attack for the very first time, it is usually mistaken as a sprained or bruised big toe.

The symptoms of gout are very straight forward and easy to diagnose. It is usually confirmed with a blood test which indicates the elevated level of blood uric acid. There is nothing much one can do about the inflammation except taking some pain killer and anti-inflammatory drugs and then wait for the pain to go away which usually takes a few days.

Instead of focusing on the symptoms of gout, one must focus more on the PRE-symptoms of hyperuricemia (high blood uric acid) which leads to gout. The objective is to identify the potential risk of getting a gout attack and do something to avoid it before the actual attack of the gouty inflammation.

Since elevated uric acid is root cause of gout, one must know how to identify the possibility of having hyperuricemia without going through the blood test. This because there are many cases in which the blood test shows that the blood uric acid level is within the healthy range but the patient still get a gout attack.

Look, blood test can only tell the uric acid level within the blood, but not the uric acid that has already seeped out in to the interstitial fluid (space between bloodstream and cells) and in the synovial fluid of the joints. And it is those uric acid crystals that formed inside the joints that cause the gouty inflammation.

The good news is that you can actually observe certain symptoms of acidosis which are the result of long term exposure of the body cells to the acidic internal environment. Here is a short list of some of the common symptoms of acidosis with brief description:

Frequent Tiredness – When there is too much acidic toxins accumulated within the body, it impairs the blood ability in transporting the nutrients and oxygen to the cells. And when your brain cells do not receive enough supply of nutrients and oxygen, you feel tired and yawn a lot.

Low Sex Drive – Sex is a complicated process involving a series of hormones. And when your body is under the threat of acidosis, it affects the production of hormones and proper functioning of certain enzymes which resulted in the drop of sexual desire and performance.

Gastric Problem – When there is too much acids in the body, your body will utilize whatever resources available to neutralize the acids in order to maintain the pH within the safe level. One of the ways to achieve that is to stimulate the stomach wall to release more gastric juice into the stomach while releasing bicarbonate into the bloodstream to buffer up the acid in the blood.

There are more pre-symptoms of acidosis which is closely related to gout, but those 3 are the common ones. If you experiencing any of the above symptoms, you must start alkalizing your body pH by eating more alkaline food and drinking ionized alkaline water.


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