Taming Dwarf Hamsters


Your brand new dwarf hamster is a wonderful animal. But, one thing that most people fail to realize is, they are just like people. They get sick, just like people. They have emotions, just like people. So you have to treat them, just like people. You can not assume that once you put your hand out that he / she will just jump into it. This is a learned behavior, and it takes time because your hamster has to first learn to trust you.

Think about your best friend, How long did it take for him / her to learn to trust you. I bet it was not overnight. That's exactly how you have to treat your dwarf hamster. There are already shy and nervous when they are born, so its going to take some time for them to get to know you. But if you follow these instructions, they'll be eating out of your hand in no time.

First of all, if you have just bought your hamster and cage, then you have to allow it time to adjust to its new surroundings. you can not go sticking your finger in the cage while its trying to find its way around its new digs. Let him / her get adjusted first. This should take about a week, tops. While this is happening your pets cage should be in a nice noise-free, stress-free environment. No blaring TV ot stereo nearby. This will only make a sure tense dwarf hamster, more tense.

You have to talk to your dwarf hamster while he / she is in the cage. Occasional stick a treat in the cage while talking to him / her in a slow, calm voice. This will help your hamster to associate your voice with worries, and always trust. When it hears your voice it will know that you mean it no harm. This will take some time. Do not be in a rush!

It is time to pick up your dwarf hamster. Do not be scared! First, you have to wash your hands. This will remove any smells that you may have on your hands. Put on a rubber glove and pick him / her up. preferably around the midsection. Once you have it in your hand, transfer it to the hand without the glove. (Have a treat in this hand, ready.) Then in your softest voice, talk to it and pet it at the same time. Doing this will reassure your hamster that you mean it no harm. Your hamster is tamed, just like that!


Source by Kenneth L. White

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