The 24 Hour Fast – A Great Way to Detox & Get Healthy!



Fasting is a great way to detox your body, lose weight and improve your overall health. Unfortunately for most people living in our fast paced society it is often difficult for people to make time to change their habits and learn how to fast. It is also a somewhat intimidating process. One easy way to get you started is trying the 24 hour Fast! This is a great way to give fast a try. It is also very beneficial to your overall health. Let's discuss this in more detail.

Fasting is done in two basic ways 1) Water Fasting and 2) Juice Fasting. Water fasting is recommended for experienced pasters only. Juice fasting is much more user friendly and is very effective. People can fast anywhere from 1-30 days, although some people do go longer. For most people a 1-3 day fast is the best way to go and this will benefit you immensely. A new and effective way to fast is called "intermittent fast" in which people fast 24-48 hours once a week for several weeks. Some even benefit by fasting a partial day, such as a 12 hour overnight fast. The important aspect of juice fasting course is not to eat solid food, liquids only. In any case a fast is very good for you and it is fairly simple to do. Fasting does 3 important things –

1. It gives your body a rest from digesting solid food, which takes lots of energy.

2. It helps cleanse your body system of toxins.

3. It can help alleviate illness and / or kick start your body into good health.

Why is a Juice Fast so Beneficial?

Juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients, in particular organic and non-pasteurized vegetable juices. Green Juices are highly recommended with fasting. Citrus juice, in particular lemon juice, can also be very beneficial for cleansing. Some people also utilize Cranberry juice, another good cleanser. Juice helps with the cleansing process and also gives you energy and essential nutrients. Juice is easy for the body to digest, which makes it ideal for fasting.

Now let's talk about the 24 hour fast! Here are my guidelines –

1. Hours of Fast – I think the easiest is dinner to dinner so about 6 PM-6PM. Why? Well you are sleep part of the time therefore your body is resting and you are not thinking about food. It seems to flow well with most people's schedules. Anytime is okay though depending upon your schedule.

2. Before the Fast – Eat lightly several hours before the fasting period. Do not stuff yourself with solid and heavy food. Eat healthy and light foods only.

3. Drink Juice – Drink lots of juice. I favor non-pasteurized green juice and carrot / beet, but any vegetable combo is great. If it's difficult to find non-pasteurized juice at least buy organic / natural non-filtrated juice. Lemon Juice with water (made from squeezing organic lemons) is another great way to help the body cleanse (this is the basis for the effective 10 day Master Cleanse). And again some people use Cranberry juice, but it needs to be pure juice, no sugar or concentrate. Any juice is good, but organic is best, natural only, and it should be only pure juice and water, no other ingredients.

4. Drink Cleansing Tea – Herbal & Green Tea help the process of cleansing your body. There are several fast and detox teas, my favorites are made by Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinals, or you can make your own. Cleansing teas and herbs are available at most natural food stores or online. Herbs are an essential way to help the fasting and cleanse process. Drink a few cups during your fast.

5. Drink Water – Water will cleanse and filter out toxins. Drink lots of filtered water, which of course includes tea and juice. Pure filtered water is essential for your cleanse and overall health.

6. Eliminate Toxins – Urinate and have bowel movements as much as you can. You will urinate frequently as you are drinking liquids. Tea and Raw juice, in particular vegetable juices, will help you eliminate solid waste and cleanse your colon. If you need any help with bowel movements take a gentle herbal tea laxative before, during or right after your cleanse. Most laxative teas take a few hours to work so time it to help with solid elimination. Many of the Cleansing & Detox teas also help with this process.

7. Have Quiet Time – Meditate, pray or have some quiet thinking time. Focus on your body and feel the fast.

8. Exercise – Get some sweat going; get those skin pores to release toxins. Get your body moving at least 1 or 2 times during your fast.

9. After the Fast – Again eat lightly for several hours. Do not eat a big meal. Eat healthy. Lightly steamed veggies are good, no heavy proteins, small portions. If you end the fast at 6 PM you should eat lightly, drink some tea and go to bed feeling slowly hungry and cleansed. Another 8 hours of cleansing while you sleep will help.

The 24 hour Fast is a great way to try out fasting. It is long enough to do you some good, but short enough so it can be done without too much struggle. Yes, you may feel hungry or lack energy, but drink lots of juice, tea and water and you will be fine. If you like the 24 hour fast try a 48 or 72 hour fast a few weeks later. Or just try the 24 hour fast once a week or even once a month. Giving your body a rest for even 24 hours once a month with a fast can be very beneficial to you.

In any case, Fasting is a great benefit to your health is inexpensive and can be done easily. I highly recommend it being a regular part of your health program.

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