The 5 Basic Rules When Buying Hamster Cage Accessories



The key to having a healthy hamster is to keep it exercised and fit. A good selection of hamster cage accessories is a vital part of successful care for your pet hamster.

Here are the 5 basic rules you must consider when buying cage accessories for your hamster cage.

1. Space

It is easy to get transported away buying great trips for your beloved hamster's cage. But, be aware of how big or small the cage actually is. Do not overcrowd it; leave room for your hamster to wander around as well as an area for his toilet.

2. Exercise

Try and make at least half of the accessories or toys perform a healthy function by encouraging exercise either directly or by inquiry. So you would percept pick up a hamster exercise wheel, a hamster see-saw or even a hamster maze which can be used outside the cage as well.

3. Safety

Think about little Harry and his fragile body and limbs and then look again at the cage accessory you were going to buy. Is it safe? Will he get any of his legs trapped? If he did it would cause a lot of harm? Typically, I usually recommend that you buy a solid wheel as I have seen the results of metal spoked exercise wheels on a trapped hamster's leg and it is not nice. Do not take a chance with his safety.

4. Variety

Variety is the spice of life and keeps everyone busy. So look at climbers, runners, run through and investigators when looking at hamster cage accessories. Tubes, wheels, purpose built hamster tunnels like Crittertrail or others, boots all provide plenty of variety to keep your hamster and you occupied. After all it is fascinated and funny watching your pet hamster investigate and work out how to use something you have put in his cage

5. Multifunctional

So what do I mean by this? Well, for example, if you buy a plastic hamster house, it will be functional and may get chewed a bit, but there is always the worry of sharp plastic edges. But, a wooden hamster house is perfectly safe and performs the function of a chew block.

Similarly a simple wooden block can be climbed over and be a healthy addition to the dental care of your pet hamster.

So follow these 5 basic rules when selecting and buying hamster cage accessories and you will not go far wrong


Source by James Fenwick

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