The 5 Essentials of Insurance Cold Calling



Being an insurance agent, you have to make sure your diary is filled with appointments. There are occasions you may run out of insurance prospects. When you have no more referrals or existing customers to see, cold calling is the best way to get new customers.

Although cold calling has a very low rate rate, by adjusting your cold calling approach and techniques, you can increase your chance of securing an appointment. The following are the 5 essentials of cold calling:

(a) Voice quality

Everything about your voice tells your prospects something about you. The way you talk, the speed, the tone in your voice etc tell your prospects what kind of person you are. They will decide based on your voice quality if they want to continue talking to you.

You can improve voice quality and inject confidence in your voice by speaking a little bit faster, a little bit louder and a little bit firmer. Though it is not visible to your prospect, your smile helps you stay composed. A good post also helps to enhance voice quality.

(b) script

A script is important to ensure you organize your thoughts before you call. It helps you avoid common mistakes in cold calling. You do not want to give your prospects a chance to terminate your call.

Your script should include a greeting and an introduction. Identify yourself and your company. Give the reason for your call ie to get an appointment. Give an opportunity for the prospect to respond. Set the appointment.

Be prepared for common objections. People may say "no" to you or give a response. You must be able to manage them promptly. You may find the script on handling objection manually when facing challenging situations.

Gatekeepers may be your allies. Have a different script when dealing with the gatekeeper. Develop strategies to get the gatekeeper on your side. Ask for help and you may get the information you need.

Once a script is ready, hear how it sounds. Call your own phone number and leave a message on your own voicemail. You may discover how you talk is different from how you write. Make changes and try again.

Once your new script is ready, do not call your best prospects first. There may be glitches to over. You may ruin your sales opportunity with your best prospects. Practice with your associates or other prospects.

(c) Target

Focus on the goal when cold calling. Beginners probably think that cold calling is to make a sale. The main reason for calling is to get an appointment. Do not spend more than 2 or 3 minutes on a call.

You need to target your cold calling efforts to the right audience. Use market research to focus on your target market. Research your markets and prospects. Establish the parameter of the prospects you want to call.

Find out as much as possible about the company or individual you're going to cold call in advance. You have the advantage to prepare yourself to talk to them about their business or unique needs when you call them.

(d) Demeanor

Your prospects will know from your voice if you are sincere about what you are saying. They can tell whether you are really interested in doing a business with them. They can feel if you enjoy what you are doing.

The biggest secret to cold calling is your attitude. All of the cold calling techniques you learn can only work if you have the right attitude. A positive attitude is the key to a successful business. Your demeanor determines whether you win or lose a business deal.

(e) Confidence

Confidence is your currency for success. Be confident in yourself. Believe in your product or service. Be convinced that your service is of value to your customers. Your confidence gives you the strengths you need to keep you going.

Your prospects may not be able to see confidence in you, but they can feel your confidence over the handset. When they know they are talking to a confident salesperson, they will be more receptive and they want to talk to you and meet you.

View every cold call a learning opportunity. Do not let yourself be defeated by a few rejections. There is no failure but only feedback. The more you practice cold calling, the more skillful you become and the better results you will get.


Source by Xoseph Chu

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