The Actual Costs of Keeping a Hamster For a Pet



When people want a rodent to be a family pet, they often choose hamsters. Hamsters can be cute and adorable but when not handled correctly, they can get vicious. For that reason, you should always buy your pet hamster from a private breeder or hobbyist. These breeders tend to raise quality breeds that have a great temperament. Hamsters that come from pet stores tend to be bred from farms so retailers cannot give you details on parentage or births.

How Much Will That Hamster In The Window Cost?

The breed quality ends up being a major contributing factor to how much you will end up paying for your hamster. You can distinguish the different hamster breeds by their color, markings, personality and size. Costs can vary based on the type of breed.

– First, the adult Syrian hamster will cost up to $20; they come in an array of colors and will measure about six inches long. The lifespan of this hamster breed is generally three years.

– Second, dwarf hamsters generally cost about $13. These hamsters are generally sold in pairs and live about one and half years but they don’t grow much more than three inches long.

– Third, the Robvorski hamsters, which measure up to two inches, make perfect pets because they have a good temperament; however, they cost about $30.

Keep in mind that buying your hamster doesn’t mean the end to your costs. You still have to make some additional investments for your new pet. What are the other kinds of accessories you are going to need for your pet hamster to stay happy? There are eight things you will need and their approximate high-end costs.

Eight Miscellaneous Items Needed For Your Pet Hamster

– First, you’re going to need an open-air cage, which can cost up to $50, sometimes more.

– Second, you’re going to need a carrier to take them out. This costs up to $16 typically.

– Third, your pet is going to need food. Food mixes cost about $6 for two pounds of food.

– Fourth, your pet will need to eat from a bowl; ceramic ones cost up to $9.

– Fifth, your hamster is going to need water so this will cost about $2.

– Sixth, you’ll need to get a bottom-lining for the cage. You should use aspen shavings instead of pine or cedar. Aspen shavings cost about $3.50 a bag. You can also purchase recycled newspaper products called CareFresh for about $5. A monthly cost to change out the material is about $20.

– Seventh, you’re going to want to entertain your hamster so get him/her a workout wheel for the cage. This generally costs no more than $20. Don’t forget chew toys and tunnels for them to play with and in.

– Eighth, if you’re unsure of anything about how to care for your hamster, you’re going to want books or other materials on hamsters. These costs begin at $2 and can range up to $20. These reference materials are great for owners who’ve never had a pet hamster before.

Don’t forget that you’re going to need to take care of your pet hamster’s health. Thus, you’ll need to pay for a veterinarian to give it its yearly checkup. There’s also the possibility of it needing medication. If your hamster becomes sick or injured, you’ll need to deal with this cost as well.

It’s important to remember that hamsters do make great pets. They can offer your family hours of entertainment once they are used to their surroundings. As long as you give them the best possible care, they can be quite lovable and adorable to own.


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