The Art of Drinking Water



Dehydration: Symptoms

Dehydration can have serious effects. You will notice symptoms of dehydration when the body merely loses 2% of water. With the globe's temperature increased over the years, it is almost impossible to run away from dehydration. First thirst is a way the body cries for help to have water intake. If there is still no water intake for a prolonged period of time, you may even have less appetite and your skin may be dryer. It will then slowly create constipation and fatigue.

Water: Appreciate it

God creates the world in perfection. Over 70% of the surface of Earth is covered by water. Our body has more than 50% of fluid and this is God's way in telling us that water is so important in our lives. If you are from a country where you just turn on the tap and you enjoy distilled, and running water – appreciate it. There are parts of the world that the people have difficulty getting clean water so much so that they clean their body with animal's urine. Yucks, you may exclaim.

Health is utmost important and fluid in our body ensure healthy bodily function and normal balance of pH in the body.

Water: Drink It! Simpler said than done but somehow human just ignore that body calls for water. So how can I drink more water now that I know it is so important? Have water bottles around you, right in front of your desk and areas where you frequently move about, including a bottle in the car. You may want to find a stainless steel bottle for the car or else temperature will be too high in the car at summer to destroy the water.

10 ways to drink more water

1. Start with drinking at least a mouthful of water whenever you see a bottle. This will slowly increase the habit of drinking water.

2. When you wake up in the morning, it is good to drink at least 400ml of water, after which you should fast for at least 45 minutes. You may find it difficult to gulp 400ml of water but you can do it slowly by increasing the amount of water you drink in the morning.

3. Have a small cup of water before going to bed but avoid drinking too much if you find yourself going to the toilet at night very often.

4. Also try cooking food with more fluid, less oil-fried foods or oven foods. Steaming your food also increase the water of food or you may want to taste the nice soups served on Chinese dinner tables. Try some new soup recipes!

5. Increase the amount of water you drink every time you drink. If you normally drink only half mouthful, try drinking a little more each time till you can drink a whole cup every time. Or if you are drinking a cup of water each time, try increasing the cup size! Some people can finish 500ml of water in one gulp.

6. Try having fun and create activities for your friends and colleagues at work. If we often seen Who Eats the Fastest wins, now try making a Who Drink the Most Water Wins.

7. Buy bigger water containers right in front of you where you always work. Some people are lazy to fill in their water bottles or go to the kitchen for a sip. Work is always so important that many people overlook that dehydration is not healthy for the body.

8. Have each other help to set reminders about drinking water. You can even set reminders in your calendar reminding you to drink water. If your colleague goes to the pantry to make a cup of coffee, it does not hurt for her to carry your empty water tumbler to fill it up for you on the way back. But it starts by you creating the culture in office. On her chat box states, my college put "Remind me to drink water" So every college who sees this randomly did remind her to drink water.

9. You'll be going to toilet often but do not be afraid. Is just normal for our body to flush out the toxic off our body. Let's drink more water, but just know the consequences of drinking more water and then visit the toilet before you go for a sales presentation or an appointment.

10. Have your maid or even family members fill in your bottles around you. If you are putting these bottles everywhere your house at spots you pass by everyday, these must be filled up or else the excuse of laziness will still occur.


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