The Best Hamster Cages – What Are They?


The most common types of pet hamsters are Dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters. Each requires different types of care and different types of housing, so the best hamster cages may be different depending on the breed and the number of hamsters to be housed.

Dwarf hamsters can be kept in the same cage as other Dwarves, but it is important to know the gender of Dwarves if they will be living in the same cage, because an owner can quickly end up with more than he or she can handle. However, experts say that even Dwarf hamsters are not guaranteed to get along forever, so having an extra cage just in case is vital. Dwarf hamsters love to climb and crawl through tubes. Many manufacturers also sell additional tubes that can be attached to the existing tubes, making the cage larger. The best hamster cages will also have an exercise wheel and a water bottle.

Wire cages are great for the owner, since cleaning is as easy as snapping off the wire, but hamsters also love to chew and they will chew on wire bars if they have been in a cage for an extended period of time. It is important to provide a hamster with things to chew on for entertainment.

Syrian hamsters are quite different from their Dwarf counterparts. They always prefer to be caged by themselves, even if they are from the same litter or were caged together in a pet store. The desire to be lawful only increases as a Syrian hamster gets older. They will fight and seriously injure each other if they are not separated.

Unlike Dwarves, Syrian hamsters prefer ground space as opposed to numerous tubes, but they still love to have a wheel to play with. Syrian hamsters also enjoy having different levels in their home, which can be connected with ramps or even ladders.

The best hamster cages are those that allow the lovable pets plenty of room to roam, play, sleep, exercise, and just sit and observe the world around them. They need room for their food and water, their exercise wheel, and their toys. When these conditions are met, any hamster will live a long, happy, healthy life.


Source by Jason Hambleton

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